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Emptying the basement - Part deux

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My daughter leaves for France tomorrow...had to slip in one of the 3 words I know in French


This stuff is mostly low end but somebody might have a need.  I just want it gone.


Heelside 151 cm Glide snowboard. Plastic Sims bindings.  Decent shape, base is in real good condition.  I know nothing about snowboards.  Belonged to one of my daughters and she used it for one season then came back to skiing.


$50 + Shipping?


K2 Snowboard, 146cm

This was my son's.  We bought it used from FleaBay.  The tip delammed a bit so I whipped out the epoxy and clamps.  Good as...well it's held up.  Base is in good shape, a few very minor repairs but nothing major.  Stickers are questionable (to me) but may add significantly to its appeal for a younger boy.  Bindings are much burlier than on the Heelside board but I can't find any indication of a manufacturer or model...

$25 + shipping

This is the tip delamination...I was going for durability, not aesthetics:



LTD Men's Snowboard Boots, mondo 29.0, US 11, UK 10


I think these are pretty basic, nothing special boots.  Nowhere near the quality of the Burton SB boots on part 1.  The selling point?  They''ve never been used.  Another case of kids changing their minds...but this was another kid returning to skiing - YAHOO!


I think I paid $90 for these, $25 + shipping?



Blizzard TG4 skis, 160cm, Marker M900 bindings.


Clearly a low intermediate ski good for older kids or light teens. 105-70-94 with R=16m.  I think these may have been used once or twice for a few runs although there's a bit of "shop wear" from being tossed into the cartop carrier a couple of times.  The bindings have a DIN range of 2.5 to 9 and are Marker's EPS line with a mechanical AFD.


$25 + shipping?




And finally....


I saved the best for last...NOT!

Salomon Evolution 8.0 ski boots, mondo 25.5, BSL 292mm.  These have a walk/ski function (AT option maybe?), adjustable flex, and a flex rating of 70. The best part is they're a pretty shade of purplish grey with a purple interior to the liner so they are very appealing to girls...at least they were to my girls who used to fight over who got to wear these.  These are not new boots but they have very little wear on the soles. I was only kidding about the AT option above because they are also not light.  Despite their age, they don't stink...I'm not kidding.


$15 + shipping?  Somebody out there has a need for these.

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Hey, I know this is not great stuff, but it's priced appropriately.  TTT.

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