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Emptying the basement

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I had delusions of someday owning a ski house in Vermont and keeping most of this stuff around for guests that may not have their own stuff.  When the bill for my daughter's wedding came due, my ski house down payment fund was completely drained.  So much for my dreams wink.gif


There's some good stuff and some pretty basic stuff mixed in...


Good Stuff First:

Dynastar Course 66 GS Skis (Race Room) with Autodrive Flex racing plates.  Not sure of the vintage on these...

L= 182cm, R>21m; not sure of the dimensions but I'll go out on a limb and say 66mm underfoot.

Currently mounted with Rossi Axial 110 bindings for a 320mm bsl

The toes lined up perfectly with the holes in the race plate.  I had to do a little extra work to make the Axial heels work.  I mount bindings all the time and have never had an issue - I have a drill press and specialized binding drill bits...

These are full on racing skis: they're heavy, stiff, and you have to work to make them turn.  I only skied 2 runs on them before realizing that I'm not 18 any more.  I bought them used on here so they do have some use, but the are in very good shape.  Plenty of edge left.  The bindings probably aren't burly enough for someone that can really drive these skis.


I'm thinking $100 + shipping with the bindings, $65 + shipping without the bindings.  If someone wants just the bindings, PM me.



Tecnica XT 17 Race plug boots.  These were almost the top of the line back in 05-06 (I think that's the vintage of these boots).  The XT-24 was available only to sponsored racers as I recall; the XT17 was sold to the rest of us.  Once again, I bought these from another Bear on this site...and never used them.  These are extremely low-volume boots that should be taken to your favorite bootfitter before you try skiing in them unless you are a masochist.  Why am I selling them?  Either my foot got smaller, or my tolerance for pain went up...but I need 27.5 shells.  I have retired my other pair of bootfit 28.5 XT-17s and downsized to a 27.5 plug.  I no longer need these as my backup.


Mondo 28.5, 98mm last, no work done to them at all.  320mm BSL.  The pictures show them without the Power Spoilers installed, but I have those and will include them.  Any wear shown in the pictures is from walking around in the basement in them.


I'm thinking $85 + shipping.  These are brand new, non-funkified Plug boots!



Burton Ladies Socket Supreme SD Snowboard Boots, Size US9, UK8, Euro 41

I know nothing about snowboarding and what may be even stranger, I have no idea where these came from.  2 of my daughters used to snowboard but I have no recollection of buying these boots.  Here's what I can tell you: the boots have never been used based on the lack of wear (and the fact that both of them came back to skiing - YAY!); they have a binding strap that you can connect directly to the ankle area of the boot (rather than to the metal part of the binding) that should lock the boot in a little more snugly; they are set up for the "click in" type of SB bindings; the liner is much higher quality than most SB boots I have seen.  A Google search didn't turn up much other than the liner is heat moldable and the Supreme line is Burton's top of the line...current MSRP is $399.95


I'm thinking $100 + shipping



Atomic C:9W women's alpine boots

I can tell you that these were used for exactly 2 runs at a small area outside of Syracuse.  They are essentially brand new.  A Google search indicates that these are from Atomic's carving line of boots but are designed specifically for women.  They are lightweight and pretty soft in the flex department.  The shell and liner are asymetric (higher on the inside) to promote carving.  This model has the boot heater system pre-wired although to complete it you would have to buy the battery pack and the footbed.

Mondo 26.0, bsl is 307mm


I'm thinking $50 + shipping for essentially new boots that were near top of the line a few years back.  FleaBay in the UK has several pair of these for 99.99 British Pounds...



Dynamic i-Perform 1.2 recreational slalom skis, 165cm with Neox 4-12 demo bindings


If you thought the Neox bindings were heavy, you should see what the Neox demos do to this lightweight rec slalom carver...there is a Wiki & review on Epic for this ski http://www.epicski.com/products/2007-dynamic-i-perform-1-2#wiki


I bought these skis for my son because he realized that his noodle park skis were worthless at the speeds he wanted to ski and the conditions we face here in the NE.  I bought these as shop demos from a place that went out of business at the end of the 07-08 season.  There was not a mark on either the ski bases or the bindings, telling me that nobody demo'ed them...although curiously, one of the Dynamic plastic tip protectors was replaced with a not-quite-right Atomic tip protector and there was a fair amount of shop wear on the tops.  As soon as we brought these home, he decided that hockey and girls were more important than skiing and he may have used them once or twice in 08-09.


L=165cm, 124-65-103.5 dimensions with a 11.5 meter turn radius.  Aluminum cap construction.  Dynamic skis are manufactured by Atomic in Austria.


I'm thinking $100 + shipping with or without the bindings.  If these don't sell, I may put my Atomic 6-14s on these and retire my Dynamic VR17 slalom carvers.  As you will note, these are not attractive skis...



Tecnica Agent 80 Ski Boots, Mondo 28.5


These aren't all that great but they are virtually new.  They have been skied 1 day plus 3 runs on a second day.  Not much to say about them.  Intermediate boot at best.  Like the XT-17s, I removed the spoiler on these but I still have them...they just velcro in to the liner.  My thought was a good "guest boot" or one for a growing teenager that was more interested in looks than performance.


$40 + shipping takes them.


I'll do another thread with the "other" stuff.













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Not top of the line stuff or very new but it's priced appropriately.  TTT.

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One more bump and then it's off to FleaBay or CL for this stuff.


My brother said he wants the Dynastar GS skis but he'll never pay me so if anybody wants them, make an offer.


I did take the Neox demos off the Dynamic carvers and replaced with Atomic 6-14s.  They seem a little lighter.  I think the new clamps make the value of these go up a little so be gentle if you want to make an offer.

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Originally Posted by bjohansson View Post

I did take the Neox demos off the Dynamic carvers and replaced with Atomic 6-14s.  They seem a little lighter.  I think the new clamps make the value of these go up a little so be gentle if you want to make an offer.



I have 2 pairs of those, they're really quite a lot of fun.    


One thing about Mag topsheets - they are the coldest skis I have ever carried; I had to learn to never, ever pick them up without gloves on.

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