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Park City accommodations: tour operator or VRBO?

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I'm in the early planning stages of a February or March two-couple, four-kid, week-long trip to the Rockies.  One of the wives doesn't ski, so I'm thinking Park CIty, since she'll have the town to help keep  her occupied.  Otherwise, taking the kids (first time for them) and flying their hineys across the country from Philly, I'd just as soon stay in the Sandy area to keep  costs down, probably skiing Alta with a road trip or two to Snowbasin.  Anyway, Park City would still give us the chance to schlep over to Alta and up to Snowbasin, too.  And I've never skied Park City itself, so its got that going for it.


But, I'm in sensory overload on VRBO.  Hundreds of accommodations.  It's been 20  years since I was in downtown Park City.  Any hot tips on where to stay (places or area)?  Am I better off going through a tour operator, or putting the components together myself? I've done both over the years, but often find limited options and a lack-of-knowledge with the tour operators (maybe I'm not calling the right ones...).  



Wilmington, DE

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Can't help with Park City lodging, but if you want a lead to a neat little VRBO house on the north side of SLC, shoot me a PM.  Found it to be a good base for Snowbasin, PC, and LCC a couple seasons ago.


Is the non-skier willing to drive?  For instance, she could drop the skiers off at Snowbasin and then go explore Ogden.  If not, then Park City probably is the best idea.


How old are the kids?

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I think the question is do you want to walk to the ski lift or not. 

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Originally Posted by tromano View Post

I think the question is do you want to walk to the ski lift or not. 

Along these lines, there is a lift from downtown and being close to it would be a good location for the non-skier and any intermediates+, but I don`t recall if it is good for the beginners.  The beginner area is lookers right of the main base area and about a mile or so from downtown (verify with google map or something similar).


We used to stay ski-in/ski out at the Snowflower condos right near the beginner area (although the top of the run next to them (Clemintine?) is an intermediate.


Staying at the main base is closer to downtown and I am pretty sure the free bus swings right by there.  There is pretty easy downhill access to the beginner area from the main base area. 

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If you're driving to the ski areas as opposed to wanting ski in/out you have way more options. If driving, I would recommend Kimball Junction area which puts you closer to freeway for trips elsewhere. Also, typically cheaper than Old Town area.  

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Hi Aaron, check out mountaintravelcompany.com


They are a free service based out of Park City, Utah which is a new vrbo type site but more secure for travelers.  I posted the other day my family used these guys.  Being in Park City these guys are legit and will help you find a great vrbo (priced) rental.  

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You may not know it yet, but for 4 beginner kids, you WANT ski-in-ski-out.

The in-town lift is cool, but not beginner terrain.

I haven't stayed there, but the Snowflower mentioned above is a good spot.  I remember seeing them when we were there.

Don't draft the non-skier into taxi driver... that isn't fair to them.

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Hi -- thanks for the feedback.  I'll check into all of it.  The kids are 7, 10, 12, and 13, and none are beginners.  The 7-year old is a lower intermediate (with his enthusiasm, he'll likely be better than that by the time we're there), and the others are solid intermediates.


I've hit destinations before where the slopes were a free shuttle lift away, and in that case it wasn't much of a hassle.  On the other hand, if we found a great deal with a walk to the lifts, that'd be perfect solution.  I guess in the end, as long as schlepping is kept to a minimum, be it a walk to the slopes or a walk to the shuttle stop, no big deal.  I suspect I'll probably wind up working up two different quotes, one with a walk to the slopes, and one with a walk to a shuttle stop, and we'll decide which we want to pay for.  


Lift into downtown...  Forgot about that.  That sounds like just the angle we need to keep things less expensive but still convenient...  As to more neutral areas to stay for the convenience of hitting the other ski hills I definitely want to get back to (Alta, Snowbasin), I'm all for that, but focusing on the Park City area is the concession I have to make to keep the non-skier occupied.  On our Alta day (s), I suspect she'll be climbing the walls in the base area (bad leg break years ago, can't ski if she wanted to).   


Good tip about not drafting her into taxi-driver.  The four of us (two cousins and our wives) went to Telluride two seasons ago and she had a good time.  It works out well -- my wife is a fair-weather skier and knocks off around lunch (and doesn't like to ski where I ski...) so the two of them head off for other adventures, and the guys head off for the steep stuff.  The kids all love skiing, so it's going to be like Christmas seeing them on packed powder in the Rocky Mountains.  All they know is Pocono ice.

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Ah, I sloppily misread first trip out West for beginner.

Does the 7 year old have the stamina for all day?  My son was always enthusiastic, but in the early days he did not want to ski all day.  I forget exactly when that changed -- maybe junior high?


We had some great ski vacations by ourselves and with another family when our kids were younger.  Last year was the first season we didn't ski together (except one thin cover day over Christmas vacation).


Have fun!



edit - about the original question...

When we went as two families back in 2006, we stayed in Kimball Junction.  It is convenient, and there was more floorspace than a somewhere more "cool" would  have, but I did not like it much.  Looked and felt like the suburbs in anywhere, USA. And the complex was so big that coordinating with the other family was a project every morning and every evening (if we had known, we could have tried to get units near each other, of course).

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Thought I'd check back in with a question.   Upsides and downsides of staying in the Silver Star lift area?  I'm looking pretty closely at some VRBO properties but it's been years since I've been to Park City.  For my non-skiing cousin-in-law, if we stayed in that area, how convenient is it to Old Town?

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