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Demo rentals at Killington?

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I will be going to Killington in January for the first time. I will bring my own gear, but might like to demo some skis such as Blizzard Bonafide and Dynastar Cham 97. Judging from internet research, the on-location shop does not appear to have demos. It looks as if Aspen East might have both Blizzard and Dynastar demos, while Basin Sports might have the Dynastars. Any other suggestions for good demo rental shops at or near Killington?

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If your definition of "demo" is to find someplace to rent high-end current-year performance skis for a day, you might want to double-check your info about availability on-mountain. I'm not a local (and there will likely be someone check in here that is who will have better info for you), but during a stop at the Snowshed Base Lodge ski rental/repair shop last season to replace a pole basket I was impressed with the selection of rental skis in the racks.


If that doesn't work, there's a number of full-service ski shops on the access road with first-class, current year rental equipment. You mention this is your first trip to Kiliington - are you aware of what the access road is like? It's not a winding backwoods lane; it's 4-5 miles of (almost) wall-to-wall dining, drinking, ski shops. And when I say full service ski shops, I'm talking about stores that are the size of my local Sports Authority..


Don't know whether they'd be willing to have you try different skis over the course of the day (which is what I suspect you may be wanting) As we get closer to the season, you could call K-town (800-621-MTNS) and see if they have any demo days scheduled - with manufacturers and their reps on-mountain.

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Thanks for the info, sr31aj. I was not aware of the local store situation near Killington. If you want to suggest any shop(s) in particular to contact in advance I would be glad to hear of it.


I don't necessarily want to demo multiple skis in one day, but rather to rent a ski I think I might like for the entire day and try it in various conditions. If I decide to buy it I want credit for my rental cost.

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Sorry, Jeff, I don't really spend enough time at Killington to recommend any particular shop. You might google something like "Killington access ski shop" and look for one that carries the brands that interest you.


I still think someone with local knowledge will eventually respond - no shortage of VT skiers here during the season.

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cant go wrong with basin ski ( or peak performance ( on Killington Rd.


I believe they both carry Dynastar but suggest you call to make sure. Also if they take reservations over the phone, it may be useful as there tend to be lines at these shops - especially basin.

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Thank you, Kdaffy. I will consider both of those shops.

I'm more interested in trying the Bonafide than the Cham 97.
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Basin is near the top of the access road, which is handy.  Other shops I remember and liked the look of were Forerunner, Northern Ski Works, Aspen East (AE is down on Rt 4).  I'm sure there are several more.

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