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What size Rocker 122!!

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Looking at getting the rocker 122, I'm 5'11 and 150lbs(68.5kg). Which would be better the 184 or 180?? And which bindings work well with this skis(and brake size)? thanks for your help.

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192, if not 184 for sure. your 511. bindings depend on your skill level. if your getting the rocker, i assume your good enough to buy a pair of salomon sth 14 drivers. marker schizos if you want 3cm to-fro adjustable, although im kind of sketched out about "adjustability". seems like more parts for breaking purposes.

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It depends on the terrain.  biggrin.gif


Well, it actually does to a degree... Weight would say 180. Height would say 184. Although it is worth noting that 4cm is an almost immaterial length difference. You are likely aware, but it is worth noting that the main difference between those two skis is that the 180 is really 115 wide. If you ski narrower places and mess-about terrain and you want a more all-around playful ski that'll float well enough, do the 180. If you ski more open terrain, go faster, spend more time in deeper snow, want surfier, think about the 184. Don't even think about the big one at your weight.


Any of an STH, Jester/Griffon, Pivot/FKS will be peachy. Pick the smallest brake that'll fit the ski you choose...

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180cm.  Get the griffon if you want a light binding, but really you don't need a very burly binding at your weight. 

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