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Glacier skiing in Austria -early October 2012 -recommendations

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Hi everyone

Apologies if this is posted in the wrong category. I need to head to Germany in early October and considering also flying into Salzburg or Innsbruck if I can get a flight. If anyone has recommendations or comments it would be great. Would love to get some early year turns in. Thanks a lot.
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You have a number of choices. From Innsbruck Hintertux is about 90 minutes away by car and there are public transport options as well. I've skied there a number of times and it's a big glacier with steeper terrain than most and a great and fast lift system. In fact unlike many others it's not ideal for beginners. The area is as big as some Winter resorts. There is accommodation next to the access lifts.  The Stubai glacier is closer to Innsbruck but a smaller ski area. A friend of mine who takes groups to glaciers regualarly finds it a bit 'linear . Pitztal is meant to be really good and there's Kaunertal as well.


From Salzburg there's the Kitsteinhorn outside of the lovely village of Kaprun. The skiing here is pretty easy. There's fast access from the valley but the lift starts a few miles and therefore a bus ride or car journey from Kaprun.'


You may gather that Hintertux would be my preference.

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Excellent and many thanks. I am not sure if I can get a decent flight to Innsbruck so Salzburg may be my best option. Anyhow I will be checking this out today and appreciate the help.
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I've skied at Hintertux in almost every month of theyear, including October.  That's where I would go.  The glacier skiing there is high intermediate and if there's fresh snow, there's some spots that you can ski off-piste that are truly expert and can be skied almost year-round.

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great. any recommendations where to stay there? expedia had some great choices but I really want the close to the mountain if possible with a decent lodging......I hope it gets the snow you mentioned...

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Hintertux it is....checking for closest ski in ski out
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Hintertux is pretty good option, then Kaprun and Molltal would be my choice. But you have to consider weather around here was pretty bad (as far as skiing is concerned), so lot of snow is gone. Molltal glacier was even closed during August, which is something I don't remember ever happening before. Last few weeks we are getting some snow, but it's nothing all that much, yet.

So I would suggest you to check conditions first before getting to happy about few turns. Things were really bad this summer, even though it looks like great and early skiing still in middle of July, but then it got worse with almost 2 months of more then +30c, and way above +10c even at 3000+ meters, where most of glaciers are.

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Originally Posted by chuckl View Post

Hintertux it is....checking for closest ski in ski out

You wouldn't be able to ski down to the village in October. The gondolas run from the end of the village and there is accommodation pretty much next door. You can ski righ down there on a couple of lovely 'ski routes' in Winter. It's a very quiet place but lovely in my opinion and of course stunning views!

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Thanks again for the insight. While I have to book flights today I will leave the resort choice open at late as I can to figure out which perhaps is getting any snow etc. Either way I want to check it out for a few days as at least I can take some pictures too worse case scenario.My plan is to fly into Innbruck and take it from there..Worse case I take a lot of pictures, drink and eat.

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Weather forecast predicts a couple of cm snow up at the top and they're saying there is currently 65cm on the glacier with excellent piste conditions. The area may be limited at the moment but check out the webcam on the website http://www.tux.at/service/webcam.html I've seen it very much more bare then this e.g. last year. The runs in the foreground are decent European reds (North American blues) and the 'T' bar way over in the background serves a fast cruisey European blue (NA green) There is a lovely short black just out of shot which is a lovely blast if it's open. You'll love it and while we know weather is unpredictable, there's a chance of more snow before you go. Here in the UK temperatures have dropped a lot in the last week. We don't share weather systems but it is getting into Autumn now! Good luck.

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On lodging...play it by ear.  I never made reservations.  We tended to try to stay at the hotels that had buses from the Netherlands in front...those people know how to party!  Seriously, at that time of year, you can just go to the Tourist Information center in any of the little towns on the way up the valey to see what's available in your price range.  There will be plenty.

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That is pretty much how I like to roll....Thanks and if I find some people to party with that will be that much better! Getting pretty pumped up about this already...

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Originally Posted by Adie View Post

Here in the UK temperatures have dropped a lot in the last week. We don't share weather systems but it is getting into Autumn now! Good luck.

Unfortunately down here (Slovenia, Austria..) we are expecting warmer weather in next 2 weeks with some rain pretty high up, so snow conditions will get even worse, at least what weather reports say. But in big number of cases, they are wrong, so lets hope they are wrong this time too :)

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Thanks for the update albeit the update I do not want to hear! They usually are wrong soI will leave it at that....If anyhow is planning to ski on 10-6 through 10-9 for a couple of days at Hinterlux PM as perhaps we can hook up. Thanks eveyone for the help here!

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This year we will ski again in October (22th I think) on a glacier. We will decide which one at the last moment. Last year we had excellent weather at Hintertux. I hope you will experience the same:


A beach day on the Hintertux glacier (Saturday, Oct. 15)

On Friday afternoon July 8th 2011 we were  three of the ten were eccentrics who populated the slopes of Hintertux, amid the streams that sprang from the slopes and where canals were dug to divert water from the snow. Today it seemed as if half Tyrol was here to go skiing. The waiting time at the six open lifts were in morning up to fifteen minutes. Fortunately there were no queues at the chairlift and gondola.In the afternoon, the waiting time was shorter. 


In early July we had a fun day of skiing at the two highest peaks plus the snow park. A total of 6 different runs (Gefrorene Wall and Olpener) plus the descent to the Tuxer Fernerhaus where open. In mid-October also the Schlegeis Glacier was open with one descent and Kaserer with four different slopes . 


On Saturday, October 1st we enjoyed a beautiful day at the beach in the Netherlands. And on 15 October our beach day seemed to have moved to the Hintertux Glacier. Under the bright sun, the sound of the waves was replaced by the drifting snow clouds of carving skiers. Wakeboarders and surfers were now replaced by the snowboarders in the large and crowded snowpark. 


In July many international junior teams trained in the morning. On 15 October, many local ski clubs practiced their slalom runs. I have rarely seen so many good skiers together. 



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Well there is one ski in / out accomodation for october: Try the spannagelhaus which is located directly on the mountain right under Tuxer Ferner Haus. Dont expect luxury there - it is a real mountain hut ;-)

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Greetings from Hintertux Austria...first day (ever) skiing on a glacier and realizing you truly need your ice and slush skiing in top form with warm weather they are experiencing....demoed a saloman 24 hour and a Rossignal World Cup....first ski seemed quite adequate in these conditions as the later simply wants to fly under any condition. It seems they are having a World Cup training here for freestyle skiing and snowboarding...everything is on piste for good reason since the ice off piste is something to marvel at. Supposed to get a sprinkling snow tonight however conditions have been tough here according to the locals...I feel inclined to demo a waist ski of say 85 mm to At least compare regarding these conditions as it seems everyone in on there these railing race skis. Feel like a fish out of water on both technique and terrain but its awesome to at least be skiing..will try to post some pictures....woo hoo !
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Hi Everyone...Finally posting from pictures from my trip to Hintertux, Austria from Oct 6 and October 7th...Conditions first day were quite icy, however it snowed over night by only a few inches which helped....When this resort gets dumped on it must be outstanding however its so early in the early snow is limited at best. The bottom picture is the lowest base from where you would two additional gondolas up to the summit. There was no off piste skiing available since snow was limited which fine since it was first runs of the year....I also posted a short You tube video (see link below)  using the new Liquid Image goggles that were $150 bucks. I think they worked quite well compared to a Go Pro so could be worth checking them out. For for my skiing, certainly realized I was not exactly finishing all my turns, however it still a lot of fun to hit it abit....Finally the altitude was kicking my ass abit so apologize for the huffing and puffing off the video ! I actually used three sets of skis on for the two days...Saloman 24 Hour, Rossignol WC, and these Stockli WC...forgot the name....I enjoyed the Salomans as they were the most forgiving for me with the Stocklis being just fine as well. Anyhow, great to get out there as I would strongly recommend checking this place out if you can. The Womans World Cup folks were training for the Oct open to the Season as I was amazed as to the nerve they had seriously doing slalom on seemingly a sheet of ice. The city of Innsbruck was quite interesting as well so once again this was a great break for me off of a business trip.





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Glad you had a nice time at Hintertux. Your video can not be watched since it is private. Can you make it public?


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Hi there


Went into  youtube and changed the settings to public...Thanks for the heads up!

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