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What the heck. I bought a new set of k2 obsetheds on the cheap and when i got them they had dents in the base and a chip right near the sidepiece. not to happy. 


Do you think i should return for another pair? They arent that bad but i dont want to have to epoxy when there supposed to be new. 


in this first pic the dent goes into the base and then actually above where it should be at the other end. gnarly shipping scratch.



Or am i just being paranoid.

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Seems like a borderline call.  Unless you're a racer, I'm not sure how much you'd notice.  Hard to predict if it would lead to premature failure.  You've got time until ski season.  If the exchange doesn't cost you too much, might as well try.

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its gonna be free for sure. I just bought them yesterday  from christy sports online, and got them shipped up to my apartment in the mountains. there in denver so it only took a day. I am definately going to do it. i cant have this sitting in the back of my as well as my crazed ski fever. 

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They are supposed to be BRAND NEW

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