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Bethpage - The Black Course

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Have any of the East Coast Bears tried their luck on the Black Course at Bethpage, Long Island: site of the upcoming US Open, and the golf equivalent of Jackson Hole?

I played there two years ago... got up at 2:45 am, arrived at the course at 3:45, got in line, paid my $31 (the greatest golf bargain in the civilized world), and then let the punishment begin. I played from the third set of tees and came away with a 102 (I normally shoot in the low to mid 80s), and was actually happy with my score!

Can't imagine what it must be like to hit out of that four-inch rough...
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Golf Opinion...

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I shoot in the upper 80-s, when on, but usually in the low 90-s. This (Bethpage Black) is not my idea of fun. I played Pebble, got my butt kicked. I played Merion last week, they has it set up as "tourniment" conditions, 3' Heather,12" of thick barbed wire and 4" (right ) rough and 12 on the stimp. Not a fun day. Shot over 100.

When its 240+ to reach the fairway, set me up on the tee box with a bucket, maybe I will get 5 out there. I don't have some of these shots in my bag. 3 par 4's over 470! c,mon, those are 5's to me. I just don't hit the ball that far.

I really want to get my golf up to my skiing level, when I play these premium level courses, I take steps back. I know The Black is public, I am just not looking for that kind of punishment. I will ski Outer Limits when its bumped, if they are wind blown ice bumps and its 15 degrees out< Nah, I am goin around.

As the ad says..."These Guys are Good!" and they are shooting in the upper 70's and 80's

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how did you manage to shoot 20 over your average? either your "average" is way off because you haven't been playing/practicing enough, or you lost a lot of balls, or something VERY wrong happened that day. Also, why did you play from the back tees if you play in the 80s? The back tees are for folks that have low single-digit handicaps. Man, that's torture for a 15-handicapper! ...not to mention, very ballsy! /// The $31 price is indeed a bargain for that part of the country -- or anywhere, for that matter. But arriving at 3:15 for a tee time 3.5 hours later is INSANE, if you ask me. I guess that explains why, after growing up playing golf, playing for my HS & college teams, and generally loving the game, I quit after moving to NJ. Too expensive, too many players to have reasonable tee times/arrival times, and crowded courses. UGH. Since graduating from college in 1885, I have played fewer than 10 rounds of golf. I've played only 2x since moving to Missoula in 1998.


where do you play most often?

how was Pebble Beach? I visited Carmel once, but didn't have clubs with me.

both of you guys -- play some pasture pool for me this summer, because I sure won't be spanking the pelota very much (if at all)
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I play local most. I have some very good public courses here, Paxon Hollow, Turtle Creek, Skippack. I get up to the Poconos to play too..There I play Pocono Manor, Skytop, Buck Hill.

Pebble was a once in a life time. First 350.00 for the round, yuck. Worse it was a 6 1/2 hour round. that just stunk. They were sending groups out every 8 minutes, thats just plain greed. Never Again, unless I go with a group and get a closed course, like thats gonna happen.
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If you caught some of the US Open coverage this past weekend, you got a quick primer as to the mechanics of getting a tee-time at the Black Course: either get Lotto-lucky by calling the automated reservation system (virtually impossible odds), or show up in the middle of the night for the hour's worth of tee-times between 6-7 am. I opted for the latter and nailed a 6:40 am tee-time. Yeah, it ain't ideal, but it's more about the experience of playing a course of that caliber on a last-minute basis. Thus, you begin the course extremely tired from lack of sleep, and not exactly in top form from having spent the last three hours in an uncomfortable bucket seat!

At the time (the summer of 2000), there were four sets of tees, and we played the set about 10-15 yards in front of the US Open tees. We were paired with a father-and-son twosome who could consistently hit 270-yard drives, and they asked us if we wanted to hit from those tees, and we said "uh, sure" (kind of like skiing with friends who are way better than you, and them asking if you'd like to ski Corbet's Couloir with them, and you don't want to look like a total fairy, so you go ahead and do it against your better judgement).

How did I shoot a 102, when I normally score about 15-20 strokes less than that? Simple: I got a 10 and a 12 on two different holes. Other than that, I shot "decently" for playing the course blind. And remember how this weekend, the pros were actually relieved to hit those monster sandtraps (instead of landing in the rough)? Well, my sand game isn't quite that good!

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"Since graduating from college in 1885, I have played fewer than 10 rounds of golf."


10 rounds every 120 years or so is NOT gonna help that handicap. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Bethpage Black is kidda like Vegas you keep coming back and the house keeps taking your money and sending you home beat-up and broke. Want prof? Play it a few times and you will have your answer. If you don't want the experiance just watch the U.S. Open a half dozen times.
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For what it is worth---

Story has "Urban ledgend" written all over it, but the guy telling it swears it is true!

Heard this story during my normal leaque round yesterday. We were talking about the hoops you have to jump through to play Beth Page Black.

A few years ago at one of our local courses that at the time did not take tee times, if you wanted to play at 6am on Sunday, you had to have one member of your group there at say 5am to get in line. Unless you were early it became a 5 hour plus round on a relativly easy course.

One Sunday a friend claims there were a 4 some from the NYC area waiting to play. Asked why they came ALL THAT WAY to play golf---they responded that they had come up to visit kids who were at a local summer camp and decided to get there usual Sunday golf in at the same time.

They explained that they could do teh 3 1/2 hour drive each way, and play golf before they could get a tee time locally. And if they liked the course, they might consider coming again sometime just for golf.

I get upset if I can't get a good tee time by calling in the day before. Can't imagine having to deal with the "Black course" way.
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