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Why Would I Have My Boots Fit at a City Shop ?

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Ladies & Gents,


If I ski hours from your shop, why would I have you fit my boots when I'm away?  Convince me.

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Because some people know what they're doing.

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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

Because some people know what they're doing.


.                       ^^^^^^^^ thanks for the recommendation Stephen rolleyes.gif




there are people in resort stores and people in city stores who know shit all about boots and equally there are good guys in both, not everyone lives in a ski resort and not everyone lives in a city, and perhaps some who live in the city don't want to waste valuable ski time on their vacation having boots fitted.


i guess i am lucky over here in the UK we have 3 indoor ski centres within an hour of us which although not the same a full size mountain allows customers to test boots and get most problems sorted before they go to the mountains for their vacation.


i see good work coming from some city stores and i see good work from some resort stores, it is more about the person and their skills than the location.  equally i see absolute rubbish coming from both city and resort stores, it appears that in some resorts they take the attitude that as they will never see you again it doesn't matter what they sell you.


the biggest obstacle is not being an educated consumer and not finding the right fitter, do a  bit of research on both the fitter you are going to visit and boot fitting in general, other than that it is a bit of pays your money and take your chances wherever you buy, the research just minimizes the risks!


just in case you hadn't worked it out i am town based.....we don't have too many mountains in this country!!

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It *was* a recommendation.  Rapport is important.  I'm implying that all over, some people know what they're doing.  If you trust the local shop, that's great, stick with them.

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I don't know many resort based fitters that would be happy to swap the hill for the mall. Not saying Mall Fitters are bad, or that Hill Fitters are good. One day perhaps circumstances will mean i have to work from whatever location I have to, but right now being in resort is fundamental to getting the job spot on due to the variable conditions on the mountain putting my work to the test before my client is satisfied.

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If you were having open heart surgery, would you do your homework and search out the best surgeon you could find within an area you were willing to travel?  That surgeon could be in your hometown or 500 miles away?  Educate yourself, call and ask your list of fitters questions, check for recommendations from top instructors or coaches or other boot fitters, then go with your best hunch.  There are advantages of being close to the slopes as you go through the initial first few day process.

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