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G3 is delivering a new telemark binding this year - the Enzo. Enzo combines all the best features of many other free-pivoting telemark bindings in one package. It has a super easy to use mode switch - very similar to Black Diamond's O1, but it takes less pressure to activate. It uses the same locking tangs and configuration of the toe plate as Voile's Switchback, making it fairly immune to ice buildup that might prevent changing from tour back to turn mode.

It has a thin plastic skin over nearly every square centimeter of surface area, further reducing the likelihood of snow build up. In particular G3 molded a "horn" under the duckbill so that snow will be shed with each step, instead of packing up into a blob of ice that limits the touring range of motion. The ROM is a solid 50-plus degrees, so it won't inhibit kick turns on a tight switchback.

The power train uses a pair of compression springs routed underfoot, with adjustable pivot points. It is as active as HH#4, or a skosh less than Axl#2, but more than the O1 with rid-stiff springs - or as modest as a Switchback. The climbing post is spring activated making it super easy to flip up, or push back down.

The cost of all these features? About 4 pounds per pair. To be fair, if you want as much power as Enzo provides, at least in the 75mm world, weight seems to be the cost. That and 3 Franklins.

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