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Flexon 9.1 size issue

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hey, posted this in the flexon thread in the gear tech forum yesterday but i thought i'd ask you guys in this forum what you thought.  




just got them delivered today from someone on ebay.  think they might be too big though. frown.gif


the bsl is 318 which is about the same as my salomon impact pro's (which also may be a little too big for me), but the liner is 10.5.  does anyone know if i could get them to fit me possibly with a 9 or 9.5 liner or would that be too much room inside?

also, how would i go about putting on a strap which attaches to the shell?


thanks in advance.

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Shells and liners are matched sets.  Putting a smaller liner in just means the liner slides around with your foot instead of your foot sliding around in the liner.  Big is big.  What size shoe do you wear?



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Don't shells accommodate multiple liner sizes? I usually wear between a 9 and 10 in street shoes.  My Salomon Impact Pro's which fit pretty nice (very slight heal slip now and again) and were sized for me by a boot fitter are 27.5 and have a bsl of 317.  These flexons are 318 so i thought that would equate to the correct size shell.  Am I missing something?


edit: also, i think the reason I may have been sized as such are my feet are way to small for my size.  I'm about 6'0 and 205 and have really large legs, but my feet are really tiny (ha ha, i've heard it all before).  smaller sized boots in the past don't seem to fit right because they don't fit my ankles and calves. 

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Shells only accommodate multiple liner sizes if you don't understand that a 27.0 boot and a 27.5 are the same shell and same liner.  It appears you purchase size 27 boots which is common size for someone your height.

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I guess that's why I was confused. Shouldn't a size 27 liner work for me then if that's the same size of my other ones in the shells of my salomons with the same bsl?
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Read the WIKI " Which boot will work for me" at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" section---pay particular attention to how to "shell fit" the boots you bought

and your old pair, see if you have been in the right size.  It should not make any difference how tall you are, the boot must retain your foot for you to have control, tightening buckles

usually won't do it.



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I can add that a size nine foot would never measure Mondo 27 and the BSL of 318 sure sound like a 27 to me.  I think everything you are asking is academic because your boots are too big.



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yeah, looks like i was just sized wrong in the beginning. bummer.  thanks for the help everyone.

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