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F1: "Blame Canada..."

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DC quick in Friday practice, JPM #2.

Jacques? Hello? Jacques?
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Cherchez Jacques, cherchez Jacques
Dormez vous? dormez vous?
You are running last,
Even Eddie's faster
ding bang bong, engine's gone...

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Yer making Gilles mad!!
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G.V. in Ferrari T4 at Loews Hairpin, Monaco, 1979

[ June 07, 2002, 01:07 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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I haven't heard it called Loews in years. Those were the days...
I'm sure if Giles could see his son now, he would have worn protection 9 months before Jacques was born!

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then who'da been world champ in '97?

to a great race (and another mclaren win).

hey, hope springs eternal.
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97 was 5 years ago. Move into the 21st century!

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ryan You know the answer to that question! Stuck in the Marriot in Kansas City MO. No SPEED Channel(frown)(can't get to symbols on this TV internet thing) You'd think that a hotel in an international airport would have TV access to a sport that has twice the viewers of the Super Bowl and the worlds highest paid athlete.(frown again)
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heck i havent seen a race since fox stopped showing them. Can't get directv here at chez Trey.

ecclestone said it best re JV: he took money over a competitive car
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OK Trey,
Just for you, here's some F1 news...

Craig Gets His Wad Out
The F1 rumour mill has been going into overdrive in Montreal. Various snippets doing the rounds include Jaguar offering Jenson Button more than £8m to drive for them, Eddie Irvine moving back to Jordan, Eddie Jordan buying Cosworth engines and Craig Pollock putting together a consortium to buy either the Arrows team, the Jordan team, the Prost team, the Lotus team, or a very big box of Scalextric.

Jenson’s Button Problem
Jenson Button says the Renault team have come up with an effective solution to the launch control problem he suffered in Monaco. They’re glueing his finger to the launch control release button.

Irv’s F1 Shocker – ‘The Money Doesn’t Matter’
Contemplating a move away from Jaguar at the end of 2002, Eddie Irvine says he’s not looking for a big pay-day from his next team, what’s most important is scoring points. The Jaguar design team have questioned why he needs to move - he’s been scoring points off them all season.

(from itv-f1.com)

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Ho Hum Michael wins again. Pablum cooks his engine.
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Finally got my "home page to work. TDS goofed somewhere.
Not only did I not get SPEED in KC but on the way home the "local affiliate", where I stopped to watch in MO, was not carrying the race.
I had to resort to a cell phone call to my Alfa Club buddies back home for a report.
Sooner or later Rubens is going to be "allowed" to win.
Did you figure out who would have been World Champion in 97 if Gilles had "used protection"?
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Cool pic
I thought MS lost his points when he was found to have caused that accident with JV. However, if JV hadn't been there, he couldn't have been hit.
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Recently heard joke:
Why do Canadians do it "doggie-style"?

So neither person will miss the hockey game.
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That's pretty puckin' funny.

"Canuck, Canuck."
"Who's there?"

There's also a variation of Abbott and Costello's famous baseball routine, but in this case it's Howe's on First. Okay, so maybe there isn't, but there oughta be.

[ June 13, 2002, 11:15 AM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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That Ferrari picture is pretty funny. I always knew MS was the devil.
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