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Long Time Skier, First Time buyer.

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Hey guys, 


Looking for some advice for my first set up skis.  I've been putting if off for years but I'm ready to commit to it.  I've been skiing for almost 20 years starting in New England.  While stationed at Ft. Carson Colo I skied Keystone frequently.   I'm back in New England now and that's where I plan on doing most of my skiing.  I'd say for I'm at the upper end of Intermediate and will usually ski all but the most difficult trails in NE.  Looking to get a set of skis that are versatile and will allow me to do Moguls.  I also need boots, my price max would probably be about 6-700 dollars and I'm open to any suggestions (used etc).   Appreciate any help anyone can offer me.  Thanks.  

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Welcome Dony, just a few more things


your height and weight,


do you ski off piste at all or on-piste.


is that 6-700 in total for boots skis bindings?


Are you looking for recommendations on a good fitter for the boots as well?


what were you skiing on? 


Have you demoed any ski's recently that you liked?  if so, what were they and what did you like about them?


Do you know what you like in a ski?- softer, stiffer, rockered, traditional etc?

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Thanks for the response,


Well I'm 5'11, 190lbs.  I do skill a little bit off piste but not too much.  The 6-700 did include boots but I could be flexible there.  I am also looking for recommendations for boots as well.  I've been renting every time I skied.  I usually just ask for shaped skis that can turn well.  I'm really not well versed in the terminology of it all.  Usually they are Salomon.  There was a pair I really liked that were Salomon and I recall them being pretty wide and a bit shorter then I was used to.  As for what I like to Ski, everything really.  I really don't know the differences except for natural, man made and packed snow.  I just love skiing on whatever I can honestly.  Thanks for the help and sorry for being a bit inept about some of this info (I had to google what off piste ment). 

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The standard advice is to get a quality pair of well fitting boots.  Concentrate on that and don't cheap out (although you can usually find some of last year's overstocks for about half price, and that's a reasonable way to go).  Once you have a good pair of boots, hit the demo hut to try different skis. 


I can't tell you what brand and model of bot to buy - work with an experienced boot fitter and find the one that best fits the shape of your feet.


As for skis, my advice since you're skiing New England and won't be going off-piste is to shun the current fad of fat rockered skis and get something geared towards groomed firm snow.  ~65 to 75 mm in the waist, ~15 meter nominal turn radius.

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There are a lot of East coast skiers here and I think you might be best served by hooking up with a shop that sponsors here and try a few different skis out and take some time with them to discuss boots and a proper fit. Folks who are sponsors here are going to make sure you are on the right gear not just to sell you something. The 1st thing you need to do is get the right fitting boot. from there, you can figure out the best or most appropriate ski.  You are on the right path.  Walt said much of the same thing. 

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Thanks for the advice guys, really appreciate it.  Just have one last question about shops/sponsors.  Is it something you connect on here and they direct you to their shops?  Sounds like I've got to get the boots down first, I'd like to see if I can get some of this stuff before the first snow.  Sorry if any info is posted and I just didn't see it.  Thanks again.

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no worries, good job!  I would give this thread more time and you will get more responses. You can also post over in the "ask the boot guys" section. Tell them where you are and what you are looking to do as far as boots first then ski's.  You have plenty of time and as posted up prior there is still time for some good deals on leftovers. I will say as far as boots go, the best value in a boot is the one that fits you best.  Don't spend less or more. just get the ones that will work best for you.

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Dony 85 very good advice you have received so far. I just want to add be patient and be prepared to try on lots of boots. Some boots you will notice right away that they are not a good fit, others will take 15 to 20 min, then I was trying on two different pair at a time. I spent 3.5hrs trying boots before I bought.I tried 3 pairs of Salamon's, 2 from Lange, 1 Rossignol, and 1 from Head. A few years back I bought a pair of boots that were comfortable in the store, but than realized I bought my boots to big, and no amount of extra socks would make them fit tighter. My feet flopped around like a fish out of water. After reading some posts here and researching on various other sites, and along with my boot fitter I ended up dropping from a 27.5 to a 26.5 ski boot. Just to give you an example I wear a size 9.5 in most shoe manufactures and a 10 with Nike which would place me in a 28.0 to 28.5 ski boot if I went by my shoe size, my 27.5 ski boots which are to big would translate to a 9 shoe and my 26.5 boots translates to an 8 shoe. All this to say throw your shoe size out the window, make sure you don't have any pressure points but you want them a snug as possible. Also you can make a boot that is slightly small larger but you can't make a boot that is to big smaller. Get the right boots as it's the most important piece of equipment in helping you improve your skiing. Most importantly find a good boot fitter who will spend time with you and listen to him.

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