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Ski Demo/Purchase Advice

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Hi all,


I am looking for some advice on different options to consider for picking a daily driver ski (I will be buying this year but would appreciate if anyone had some advice on different skis to demo etc to try out before settling on one). I tend to not be the hardest charger and tend to favor skis quicker edge to edge. I've demo'd last year's K2 Rictors and thought they were solid and had fun on them but am intrigued by both the Blizzard Bushwackers and Nordica Steadfasts as well which are on list to try this year. Thoughts on any others I should add to the demo / consideration list?


Some facts that I have to consider:


  • I am an advanced skier, high intermediate (I ski blacks in mid-atlantic, single black/blues out east,  single black/blues out west).
  • 5'6" and about 125 pounds (I am lighter skier so I often find longer stiffer skis difficult to ski unless really charging)
  • I ski out west (SLC, Whistler, etc) about 12-15 days a year and ski another 10-15 days out in mid-atlantic/east.
  • I am usually about 60/40 on piste/off piste when out west and usually mostly on piste in mid-atlantic.
  • If powder dumps happen, I will rent when traveling (Not much powder in mid-atlantic).



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What do you currently have?


Good description of your criteria, but I think you will find it hard to find a single ski that works well for your purposes both west and east, and at 22-30 days per year, you can justify a two-ski quiver.  I would suggest looking for a western ski in the ~95-100mm waist range (e.g., the Bonafide rather than the Bushwacker), and taking advantage of the market's move to fatter rockered skis to pick up a pair of ~70-75mm hard snow biased skis, either new old stock or used.

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Thanks for the advice!


I currently do not have quiver as I've only recently gotten back into a consistent skiing pattern about last year. I've always rented based upon the condition and brought my boots but I've come to point where having a daily driver would be cheaper then always renting while traveling. 


My initial thoughts was perhaps it was worth getting a 80-90mm range ski (being lighter I've haven't had much issue floating smaller waist skis) for most conditions even though I lose a little frontside performance out east and then on the really heavy days out west just rent for powder.


I've considered the bonafide (will probably demo it this year) but I have heard it favors either more speed or heavier skiers. I tend to be not the fastest charger as I enjoy picking my way down through trees or off beat paths when skiing at a slower pace.

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I've not skied the Bonafide, but I suspect that those comments have to do with the 180-something cm lengths, not the 160-something lengths you're likely to prefer.


In any event, I'd think about starting with a pair for one of the needs and rent for the other while keeping an eye out for a good deal.  


And don't forget to calculate the cost of checked baggage when doing the math.  If you're driving to the eastern destinations but flying west, you might be best off starting by purchasing your eastern ski.  Conversely, if your eastern trips are multiple weekends, but your western trips are a week at a time, you might be better off starting west.


Level Nine has some good options on the eastern end of your scale, some with enough off piste capability to make them worth taking on a no-new-snow western trip.






Here's another that would fit the eastern or no new snow, from Start Haus. http://shop.starthaus.com/store/pc/2012-Nordica-FireArrow-80-Pro-Ski-w-412TC-Binding-Cosmetic-Blemish-p10006.htm

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The Steadfast might be a good option for you so be sure to try it.   It's a relatively light ski because it doesn't have a metal sheet in it.  I've found that it's quick and holds an edge really well, even on hard pack.  I liked it better than the Bushwacker and Line Prophet 90.  I'm 5'8", 150 pounds and probably ski 80/20 off/on piste and the Steadfast really shines in the woods.

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A good deal for your western/powder ski:  new 2011 166 Dynastar LP 115s for $260 shipped.

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If you're interested in the Bonafide, at your weight you might consider the Kabookie for a less stiff ride.  But...


I ski in Tahoe, which is "west" if not exactly comparable to Colorado or Utah.  Anyway, I have done OK on 80mm skis in previous seasons.  Fresh powder took some extra attention, however.  I'm 150lbs.  At your weight, I would expect an 88mm ski with early rise to work just fine.

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Thanks for the advice all,


I am definitely open to trying different skis this year and am definitely looking at the Kabookie as well as other options. I am hoping to get some good tests in various conditions so I appreciate the different recommendations.

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