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Just looking for some opinions on my new ski set

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Hi my name is Nick and I am new to this forum. I enjoy skiing I started last season and skied 5 times for about 4-6 hours at a time I was attempting blues near end of season I would say I am an intermediate level. My first season skiing 2011/12 I rented gear skies, boots, helmet, poles, their gear was a bunch of rossi stuff not to old it taught me how to ski sorta anyway lol, anyway from that season skiing I have developed this huge passion for skiing I can't wait for the snow! my local ski shop (Tommy and lefebvre) had their annul ski/snowboard sale and i decided to buy the gear I need to hit the slopes without renting gear that's been used hundreds of times, at that time I didn't really know much but I had the basics in my head of what I need to look for in buying boots/skies.

Anyway here is what I purchased and I was just looking for peoples opinion on my setup feel free to say anything. Also might add im 5'11  220lbs im not a chunky build thought and my local shop recommended size 166 in skies and im size 11 in shoe and I have a 28.5 boot



Rossignol 2012 Experience 76 Skis w/Axium 110 Bindings 166cm


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
  • Tail Type: Partial Twin Tip
  • Brake Width (mm): 110
  • DIN: Low: 4
  • DIN: High: 11




Last 104
Flex index 90
Bootboard PU
Cuff specification NEW POLYOLEFINE
Liner - technology SPORT THERMO FIT PLUS
Liner - tongue ONE-PIECE TOE BOX
Buckles - material 4 MICRO - 100% ALUMINIUM
Buckles - micro DIAGONAL BUCKLES
Buckles - teeth 4th : QUICKSET 3 POSITIONS 3rd : 3 POSITIONS
Power strap 40mm



Giro G10 MX Helmet

Rossignol PMC Ski Poles 2012













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its always nice to have your own equipment, enjoy it and especially keep your passion. Hope to see you blast past me one day. 

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goggles, helmet, poles (you can do that arm 90 degrees rule to check out the size) these are very personal choices and it all depends on how well they will fit you, it`s nice to check out if the helmet and goggles will work well together!


For the ski boots, you should have had someone taking care of that for you, doing things like taking measurements on your feet, talking about the type of skier you are and making suggestion about some boots that would work for you, then you would try the boots and spend some time on them, like 20 minutes or so to see how good they would feel on your feet, it`s always good to have a knowledgeable boot fitter working things out with you. If you did that, then you will be fine, since you should buy boots that work for you, that fit your feet well, not really based on specs or stiffness and so on. If you haven`t had anyone working with you on your boots, then I`m afraid you might have issues in the future as soon as you hit the slopes. As most will say, boots are the most important ski gear you will buy and you should take that very seriously!


Regarding the skis you got, they appear to be very short for you at 166cm. You are a big guy and 166 seem to be short, 76mm underfoot might not be a bad idea considering you ski at the east coast and you don`t say anything, but I`m assuming you would spend most of your time on groomed runs. But I believe the 176 or maybe even the experience 83 176 would be a better option for you.


There are some really good guys here at EpicSKi that can give you a very good insight on your purchase and can also make suggestions about what else you could try!


Do you have any idea what was the ski you were renting and what size?

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Yeah I was checking out fitting guides online and it says the ski should be longer for someone my height and weight I will probably go back to the store and speak with their reps.

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Originally Posted by Skipole90 View Post

Yeah I was checking out fitting guides online and it says the ski should be longer for someone my height and weight I will probably go back to the store and speak with their reps.

Remember you wanna buy something that will work for you now, but also provides some space for you to grow as a skier, you don`t wanna have to buy equipment every single season! :-)

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Welcome to Epic.  I won't comment on the skis because I really don't know anything about them.  But, don't be too concerned about the length  I know a level 2 instructor who is just about your size and he skis on 160cm race skis all the time.  As far as the boots go, my guess is that they are too soft for your height and weight.  They might be OK for your first full season but if you ski much and progress reasonably well, they will not be OK after that.  More important is whether they actually fit your feet.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the Wikis about fitting and terminology.  Did the shop where you got them do a shell fit or just ask your shoe size and hand you a pair of boots?  If they didn't do a shell fit, the boot are likely too long or too wide or both.  I cannot stress enough how important proper boot fit is.  I wasted a lot of money over the years chasing improvement in my skiing by buying better skis, but never actually improving.  When someone finally convinced me to get a proper fitting and I bought new boots that actually did fit, my skiing improved instantly and dramatically.


Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.

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Skipole90 welcome to the forum. I see we live less than 30min from each other, kind of cool to see a local on here. I can't comment on your equipment as I have never tried that model of ski, but I would not worry to much on the size. I bought some new skis from Tommy and Lefebvre this year as well as boots and I too came hear looking for validation to my equipment as it didn't seem to add up. I weight 230lbs and I'm 5"8 and have been skiing for 31years I have taken lessons and ski at an upper intermediate, advanced level. I was sold a pair 163cm when all the charts on-line pointed to 170-175cm range based on weight and ability. If you bought your equipment from a reputable store like Tommy and Lefebvre, Knundstadt Sports, or Frank Dinardoe's than I would say trust the sales person's advice, these store's have been around along time and have earned the reputations they deserve.  

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