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Boot fitter in RI? Recommendations on boots?

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Hi Boot fitter gurus.

Anyone know if there are any good boot fitters in RI? If not, Boston?

Otherwise, I can wait until I am in other areas this winter...


Also, does anyone know what the width (last?) on 2007 Nordica GTS 6 boots are? They were my first boot, and I am looking for new boots this year as I have progressed a lot.


I am tall and skinny - skinny leg and narrow foot (6'0" and 145). When I originally got these Nordica's I asked the guy for a narrow fitting beginners boot. They have been good for my needs, but I am now a much stronger skier and need something more aggressive. The Nordicas were a 60-70 flex, I'm thinking a narrow fitting boot with a flex more like 100-110. Probably not high enough skill or big/strong enough to need, want or warrant a race boot or 120-130 flex. 


I ski all mountain, mostly in Utah, but a few days in VT or MA. My skis are 90-100 waist width. I mach groomers, get off trail as much as I can when out west. Just starting to learn how to jump in the park and do some back country jibbing. No plans on becoming a park rat or smashing 30 footers, just want to be able to do some fun jumps in the backcountry, ski switch etc. Don't hike far for turns, but will occasionally walk a short ridge to get some pow when out in Utah, but that's only a couple runs per season. So probably don't need a specific touring style boot. 


Any recommendations? Have been starting to research, and looking into Lange XT 100, Salomon Ghost, Full Tilt, Dalbello Il Moro or Rampage. Also wondered about Atomic Hawx or Salomon Quest.


If I can find a good boot fitter then I will take their advice, so I'm not planning to walk in and say "I want X" from the shelf based on picking one of the above from reviews or it's color or whatever - but think if I research my needs a bit, at least having an idea of a few different ones to start from or compare that might be smart.


Any advice? Oh - and does anyone know how wide my current Nordica boots are so I know what to compare to?



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OK so as you've probably read often it is impossible for us to recommend models without seeing your feet.  However, at your height and weight I'd say eat buddy eat.  And if your feet are formed like the rest of your body you need at least a 98 last boot, everyone makes one and perhaps a 95 everyone makes one, but not everyone makes one soft enough for your weight and skill level.  However if you can use the 95mm then look at Head Raptor and Dalbello Scorpion.



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Thanks Lou - much appreciated. Don't suppose you know what width my existing 07 Nordica GTS6 boots are?

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I would guess your nordicas are 102+mm shape.  and might be a size+ too big as well..

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the old GTS was (from memory) a 104mm last, pretty much before last measurements were ever admitted to by the boot companies, so wide and high volume wit lots of thick squishy padding


as Lou said, plenty of low volume boots on the market now, so just a case of finding that fitter


none i have details of in RI but there are a couple on the who's who in MA... alternatively there are more in the mountains, just choose your ski area wisely



Phil Burgess
Ski Stop
256 Washington St
Westwood Ma. 02090



Mike DeChristopher

Competitive Edge Ski & Bike

Northampton Highway

Holyoke, MA 01040




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Cool - thanks very much for the info guys!! Really appreciate it. Hopefully we get some good snow this season!

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Pray for snow and food.  Good luck, find someone that starts by examining your foot instead of worrying about your skill level and you'll do OK.  I don't know the width of your old boots but I'd guess Colin and MtnLion aren't far off, and if your foot is shaped the way I am guessing that makes your old boots huge for you even if they are the correct length.



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Haha. Thanks Lou. Trust me, I do eat, it just goes nowhere. A good problem to have I think, but I certainly won't hold back between now and ski season.

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Hey Skibean,

I am sure we can help at the Ski Stop in Westwood Ma. We have plenty of R.I. customers. We have 5 professional boot fitters that will be able to guide you thru your boot purchase.



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hey BurgMan,

Do you guys have Intuition liners? If not - if I got some elsewhere, could you help mold and fit them (for a fee I assume)?



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We do not have intuition liners. Yes we can fit them..


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