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Fisher vacuum

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I bought a pair and I'm stoked
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We're so happy for you. 

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Who is we?
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My new pair is sitting in the shop managers office.  I'm pretty stoked!

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Who's us (we can keep playing this for a while)


I'm excited to try them out and fine tune them if needed.  These are my first pair of my own boots so I hope they are worth it with my Blizzard Bonafides

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I"m coming to Jackson hole next wed and I'll be camping and fly fishing next Friday and Saturday.  Gros Ventre area

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PM me and I can help you with some local info or meet to do some fishing.  I have 2 drift boats and a raft that is set up for fishing.

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^^^ That's a pretty good offer.

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Hella yea
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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

^^^ That's a pretty good offer.

You know I would take you or Blaze about anytime.  Is Blaze still tying flies?

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Better bring those ski shoes with you & make an appointment with SiJ

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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

You know I would take you or Blaze about anytime.  Is Blaze still tying flies?

I'd love that.  Yes Blaze is tying flies...  In fact the other night there was a Wounded Warriors program (or something similar) at Jack Dennis Sports- (an excellent ski, fly and hunting shop) and he got invited to demonstrate fly tying for a bunch of Veterans.  It was very cool for him to meet some of America's greatest.


Hope you're off season is going well!

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Does anyone know which ski shop on the east coast sold rthe most fischer vacuums last year?  Experience is the best teacher.



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I know DC Ski Center sold a number of these last year.  That is where I got my pair.  However, I'm not sure if they are the "best" with these boots.  They do have an expert bootfitter on staff if you want to make sure you get the best fit, but you would need to setup an appointment and I think there is a fee for working with him over the cost of the boots.


If you get the Fischer boots, you will likely want to get them from some place that is close enough to make multiple trips to them.  I needed to have my boots remolded a second time to get a better fit as I didn't have enough toe room the first time and I wanted the rest of the boot to be tighter.  I just got a pair of replacement liners for the boots a week ago, so will likely be getting them remolded a third time for the new liner.  The original store you by them from will likely remold them for free, where another store will charge for the service.


After skiing on them for a season, I'd say they are great boots, but they have their issues as well, or at least last year's model did.  You should certainly check them out, but you may find that a different boot will work better for you.

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