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Just joined a ski club

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I just joined a ski club and signed up for trips to Killington and Chamonix in 2013! I'd never thought to join one before, but it turns out my wife knows one of the leaders' wives. When my wife heard they were going to Chamonix she urged me to sign up, so of course I obeyed. I live in Flatland and need to travel for decent skiing. It should be fun to go with a group.

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After avoiding "adult" ski clubs for many years, I finally joined one after my divorce with hopes of meeting a ski lady and to do go on a western trip with them.  Ski clubs are one of the best and most reasonable ways to go on a week long ski trip. 


Well after a few quick relationships I finally met my current wife outside the club and alas she does not ski, but encourages my habbit which is the next best thing.


We ended up moving to the Cleveland area and I looked for a club to join for a western trip.  I quickly found out that Cleveland is loaded with ski clubs and chose one based on the western trip that I took my first season here.  One of the best moves I have made hooking up with this club. They have some very good skiers and they got me started at my advanced age in racing which I have done well with.  In addtion to a western trip every year, we have weekend excursions to some of the further away race venues and a few single day bus trips.  I am skiing more while living further away from good skiing than I did when I lived closer.  Mad some really good friends too.


Ski clubs can be a good thing!


Rick G

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