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The Story of Small Ski Areas - Kickstarter project

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I did a search for "kickstarter" and was surprised not to see that this had already been mentioned:


A couple of guys are trying to crowd source funding for a documentary on small New England ski areas



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I do remember running across that project before, can't remember if it was here on Epic or not though. 

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I vaguely remember seeing something like this on Kickstarter before but they didn't have a solid project.  Should make it this time.  Not that uncommon with smaller projects by people who don't have crowd sourcing experience.  Only need $200 more by Oct. 1 to make their target.  With Kickstarter, it's all or nothing so must make the target.  Going over is of course better since they get that money too.  The labor involved will all be by volunteers.  So just need money for materials and a little equipment.

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Hey Folks we have reached our initial goal for the film but are still looking at a tiny budget and a huge ambition of covering a large number of small ski hills in the Northeast, what makes them unique, what makes them rare, and why we don't tend to think about skiing there when we get a fresh foot at our door step. Hoping to have a huge impact, in the process of graphic design and promotion of the concept but please continue to spread the word we need all the help we can get:




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Elliot: Welcome to EpicSki!  Wish you luck on the film endeavor.

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That's an awesome project and great to see it is supported.


Here in NZ we also have a lot of small local ski areas run by volunteer labor and run as not for profit organizations, the lifts are basic - mostly nutcracker rope tows. A couple of guys made a series of short videos last year trying to capture the spirit of those local places.


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Non-film, but there's a book called "Light the Night" by a couple high school kids about the founding of the municipal ski area in the 1940s in Traverse City, MI. Area still operates. Title came from the report that Hickory Hills was among the first to install lighting for night skiing.
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There are a few examples of videos put together by the group who are going to make the documentary in the first Kickstarter Update.  Also an explanation of how any money over the initial goal will help make the film better.




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Must be getting the word out better . . . up to $8000 with a few days to go.  Kickstarter takes a small but noticeable percentage so it helps to go over the original goal for smaller projects, which was $5000.  Sounds like more areas will be included if the budget ends up bigger.




Backers who add $25 or more will get a t-shirt and a copy of the finished film.

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Hey folks,

thanks everyone for your support and your interest in our project. We are finally on our last day of fundraising.  We've had some good press in the last week including Powdermag.com Unofficial Networks, and Ski The East. http://www.powdermag.com/stories/story-ski-movies/  http://unofficialnetworks.com/story-small-ski-areas-kickstarter-107216/ http://www.skitheeast.net/posts/id/851983517/the-wilkinson-ray-brothers-kickstarting


We are really excited with the amount of support we've received over the past 3 weeks. We've spoken with ski area owners, historians, famous ski film producers, families, and skiers alike. If anything we've decided that there is a real lack of narrative-based story telling in ski films today. Although i enjoy watching ski movies every fall they tend to focus on brilliant imagery over the stories, characters, and nuances that are often equally as rich. It looks like we are just at the budget level of being able to start shooting this project but are still looking at dumping thousands of dollars of our own money to see it to completion at the level we are going for. If this is something you would like to see produced in a well rounded professional manner, please consider giving on our final day of fundraising.


Elliot Wilkinson-Ray

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Come support the Cochran's Ski Sale this weekend. The biggest cheapest sale in the region: http://vimeo.com/52691686

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