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Mtn Bike Clinics?

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Went for the first ride of the season. I have to say my "yikes" factor is much higher mtn biking than skiing!

I got a wider front tire which seems to help. Still I find myself afraid of stuff that I know I have done in the past. So thinking about a clinic. With skiing I have confidence that the instructor will not take me down anything that I cannot do. Is it the same for biking? I would like to take a lesson at Keystone, anyone know a good instructor? I would prefer a womens clinic.

Any thoughts? Any basic tips? BTW, I am riding a Gary Fisher Sugar 4.
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thanks Robin. I seemed to have missed the Denver dates.
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1) I suggest finding a local race club that helps beginners get into racing. Take a few of their women's team introductory classes. It will cost you MUCH less than a multiday camp.

2) most of mtb riding is very safe on a decent FS bike, and the Sugar series are pretty decent. the 3 pivotal aspects of mtn bike riding are braking, weight distribution, and anticipation. Anticipation is the most critical, but also the one that requires the greatest time investment. braking is learned easily if you spend a few rides focusing solely on how your brakes work, and how/when to rely primarily on your front brake. once you learn braking and anticipation, weight distribution is the final key to fast negotiation of technical terrain, (relatively) effortless climbing traction, and confident descending.

too bad you don't live in Missoula. our local beginner-intermediate women's group ride would be a good starting place. I'm slated to do some technical demonstrations for them come summer. I'll be focusing on awareness of the three pivotal issues mentioned above, and how to work on those issues.
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Thanks Gonz, would have never thought about a race club. Figured that was WAY beyond my skills.

I need to improve all my skills! I get all freaked out freeze up and end up fighting my bike. Trying to relax and let it do what it was intended to do. Funny all my biking injuires have been very minor but still scares me more than other sports.
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oops should have done my own research. Keystone offers half day womens clinics on Fridays for 35.00.
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I highly recommend doing a clinic. I did some training with Blair Lombardi (think she has a web site somewhere) but shes SF based. It has certainly made some significant improvements in my riding ability and hence confidence.

Will have to post pictures soon from my mtn bike trip to Moab and the Sierras...

Keep on ridin girl ! and good luck with the clinic.

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Hiya Miss Jane! Please do post those pics. Yes I am planning taking a clinic, they don't start till late June though.

Hope all is well in your world. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Take a clinic at Keystone with Annie Black. She's a ski instructor in the winter and a bike instructor in the summer. My wife and my mom have both taken clinics with her, and swear by them. Even if the clinics don't start until late June, I'm sure you could look her up and arrange something private.

The trails are dry and smooth this time of year. Don't wait until July (and monsoon season) to ride! The uphill challenge race is this weekend. No single track; you just climb the front side of Keystone. You should do it!

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Originally posted by LH:

Take a clinic at Keystone with Annie Black. She's a ski instructor in the winter and a bike instructor in the summer. The uphill challenge race is this weekend. No single track; you just climb the front side of Keystone. You should do it!
Will look up Annie, thanks for her name.

As far as the uphill challenge, yea right. We road from Keystone to Montezuma Sunday, liked to have died! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

But we will be up at Keystone this weekend so if YOU are doing it I will cheer you on! Plan on doing some riding so look for me. gary Fisher Sugar with an Epic ski sticker on my helmet. My hubby wants to do the Exterra Amature course. All a plot to get me to enter.
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Book: Mountainbike like a champion by Ned Overend.

Find other women to ride with. I"ve certainly had mixed experiences with club rides. Some have been great, some were just a bunch of speed obsssedd folks with no patience for anyone who couldn't keep up...coomunication is importatn so you know what the deal is.

Mainly I ride with a few friends, and do group things to find new trails.

Just get on your bike and ride. Find a trail that's challenging, and keep riding it until it's easier, then find another one with different challenges, etc. Ask for tips with someone who thinks like you do: How did you do that switch bakc? How do you get through rock gardens? Climbing? etc. You'll be so proud of yourself whne you clean a section you were dabbing or wlaking only a month before.

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Thanks, Irulan. Will look at the book.

I like the idea of doing the same trail over. As far as club riding, I hate having to try and keep up. feels like the equilvilant of a forced march. That said I do like being pushed a little bit, gets me doing things I might not otherwise.

Thanks for the tips. Keep em coming.
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I agree with Irulan about Ned's book. There's also a companion video called "Performance Mountain Biking," with contributions from many of the legends of MTB racing - John Tomac, Greg Herbold, Daryl Price, Juli Furtado, and of course the master himself, Ned Overend. You should be able to get it from most mtb shops and from Barnes & Noble or Amazon online shops.

Good luck.
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I've found riders just by asking, asking, asking. I ride with my chiroproactor on her days off!!!

My group experinces have been very mixed. I had a great ride with bunch of folks who did trail school with IMBA. I had a terible experience last week with a group divided into two; the plan was to drop the slower folks in the fast group at a pre-determined point; instead they dropped three of us in the middle of fecking no where, at a 5 way junction where no one had been before, and it was only by luck that we found the other group.

I ride solo a lot.

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Yeah, wife and I are doing the uphill, albeit slowly. I know people who run that ride in under 40 minutes; My goal is to break an hour this year, but I don't know if it'll happen. I'll be on a yellow specialized fsr with a blue helmet.

Re: XTerra: I'll probably enter the bike and run portions, but won't get near the Keystone lake. That place is so thick with stocked fish and rented ducks in the summer, it's completely filled with turds. The Xterra bike course runs up some of the (singletrack) trails on the front side of Keystone Mountain. For realistic race practice, pick up a schedule of the Summit Mountain Challenge race series. The keystone race is usually the same course used for Xterra, Snake River Challenge, etc.
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Will look for for LH.
How many miles is that climb? If your shooting for under an hour, I bet I'd be lucky to do it in two.

Turds! My excuse was water temps, turds, no way. We have watched the race the past couple of years. Last year looked better but the prior year ppl were blue getting out of that water. :

We got the bike portion of the short course printed out. Gonna give it a try this weekend, but NO WAY will I enter. My hubby has given up on me and now is trying to get my sister from Missouri to enter. She maybe foolish enough to do it.
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Hey maybe SCSA will do it. He is big on tri's
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LH, how was it? We watched, from what I think may have been a bit more than half way. 3 ppl, 2 dogs. Very impressive. Most folks were not even breathing heavy. You all are studs! :
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