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knee injury how to recover pls advice

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Dear All, 


Pls advice  3 weeks from today I twisted my knee and got injuiry.


I undergone MRI after 5 days of injuiry - I am using 90% of day a brace for knee 


1 Week I taken total rest 1 week partial and 1 week in office work with brace always on 


- MRI report impresssions



There is full thickness tear of the middle one third of the anterior cruciate ligament with asscociated small marrow contusions in the anterolateral femoral condyle and posterolateral tibial plateau.


There is tear of distal medical collateral ligament with mild sprain of the proximal lateral collateral ligament and probable posterolateral corner injury.


Moderate joint effusion is seen extending in the suprapatellar bursa with mild cellulitis. 



50% Doctor suggested to start physio slow mobilty after 21 days and would recover and self healing is possible 


50% doctor suggest to go for surgery and get 100% healing 



I play light cricket - life style of evening walk and light excercise- never play football, sking, basketball or pivoting games. 


I am 31 yrs and job involves travelling, office, factory work as engineer



Thanks in advance for your reply and help 







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Advice from the internet is worth what you pay for it.

That said, your life style would indicate you have TIME to let the parts heal. I'd expect to need the brace for a couple months for routine activities and into the next cricket season.
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