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Powder Ski for Heavier Guy

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Im about 230 pounds and am looking for a powder ski that will give me good float without digging in. Any suggestions?I'm thinking about bent chetlers which are 123 underfoot. I should add that the skis I'm looking for would only be used for cat, heli or resort days with truly huge dumps.
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I would suggest something w/o a rocketed tail at least one not as much as the Bent Chetlers. A few skis come to mind, Dynastar Cham 127, Kastle BMX128 and if you must have something with a tail rocker, the Rossi Squad7 or the Armada AKJJ. 

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I'm 215 lbs and my Elan Boomerangs bring the smiles.  140/120/130  -  190cm

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Only a heavy guy should be allowed to answer this question.  I love the Nordica Radict, Bmx 128, and bent chetler, in the 125 width area.  I also love the patron , helldorado, and bodacious, in a little skinnier category.  Ive got you by ten to 15 lbs. Did not like the super 7!  I do like the cham 107 so I think I would like the cham 127 but havent tried it.  Hope this helps.

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I'm 6ft 3in, 215lbs (normally before Thanksgiving and Christmas), I'll be trying the Grace Skis Kiwi, 196cm with 138mm underfoot, this season as my big mountain pow sticks of choice. http://www.skigrace.com/grace-skis-kiwi.php. Should give you lot's of float. The Grace Kylie was named as an Editor's Choice this year in Skiing Magazine, a new brand but will be putting out some quality hand-made product. Worth a look for something different.

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It helps a lot. Which of these do you like best for off piste?
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A Volkl ski with 110 cm or higher width . Volkl skis seem quite stable for heavier skiers.
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I absolutely love my patron.  If there is any hint of new snow from 2 inches to huge dumps, it seems this is the ski I end up using.

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I'm 5'10" 235 lbs. and if I were looking for a ski with some serious float I would look for something with at least 120mm under and at least some rocker.  I've found that while smaller guys can get some float on narrower skis at my size I need as much surface area as possible.  I love my Wailer 112's but then again I've never been on a heli or cat trip with them or even a really big resort day.

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If you can find a pair of last year's Nordica Girish for a good price, give those a go (they aren't making them this year).  I am 5'9" and about 220 and picked up a set cheap near the and of the season last year and couldn't be happier.  They have slight tip rocker and a flat tail and the usual big- guy preferred constuction of metal sheets/wood core/ vertical lam that you find on other skis that the large and in-charge always seem to like (think volkl mantra,etc). The best part about them is that they don't give up the ghost once the powder gets cut up and conditions get chunky and funky.  I don't know if Nordica replaced them with something new or not. Good luck.

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As someone who's weight can fluctuate from 280# one month then 230# the next month depending on my training cycle, the speed at which you ski (or lack of) has a greater impact than the width of the ski IMO. I bought 195 Kuro's for the 10-11 season as it seamed on paper to be the perfect powder ski for a guy my size, but in reality they felt very clumsy, which reduced my speed and made them much harder to ski in tight conditions. I also had some Line Mothership's which actually worked much better for me in the pow as they loved going fast. I have now split the difference between the Kuro's and Mothership's with a 196 Lhasa Pow, although at 112 under foot they would not be considered a pow ski by some, but they work for me. Anyway, I will probably venture into the 120+ waist range this year just because.... but I will always take a ski that's more maneuverable over one that's just fat, YMMV.

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I'm only 220 but also loved the Kuros @ 195 when I rented them after a big storm at Niseko. I was originally going to grab some Hellbents but after a chat with the shop guy he thought that they might be a bit soft for me and put me on the Kuros. I also loved caning them on the groomers as well.
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I'm about 200lbs and 5'8 - I ski 179 K2 Pontoons on big dump days, I love them. I bought mine used 2 years ago and they were the bargain. The previous owner only used them once or twice, with powder skis you can really get great deals on eBay. Of the other pow skis out, and there are some great ones, just make sure you get enough under foot.
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