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tennis sites or forums?

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I recently took up tennis and now that I am past the "I totally suck" stage and am now merely "not good" at tennis, I was wondering if there are any good forums or sites about tennis that anyone here frequents and could reccomend? I love learning new sports and have found the internet to speed up the learning curve immensly so any help would be appreciated.
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"TENNIS" + "FORUM" = "TENNIS-FORUM." add "DOT.COM" and you have...

a decent starting point.
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If you're interested in really getting into tennis, definitely check out usta.com and find your region. Through the region you can find clubs/public tennis facilities that are members of USTA and hold learning sessions or something similar. It's definitely a great organization if you're looking to get better. I've been a member since I was 16...

Snowy :
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thanx, besides the scathing sarcasm (why doesn't SKI + FORUM + DOT.COM = a ski forum?), helpful nontheless. I do want to get better and am probably going to get some lessons when I head to florida for the summer ( wish I could go the opposite direction and get some turns in...)
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yerright. bad moon rising. my apologies for the 'tude. your serve.
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Lessons help in the beginning but lots of hits, just like lots of miles, really make the difference.
I took up tennis to stay in shape in summer. Singles can be a good workout.
When I first started I hit the backboard for hours on a regular basis. That really helped. Most top players practice much more than they play.
I liked the serve and volly game so I tried to develope that. Now at 59 it's getting harder to keep up. I say "when I can't play serve and volly tennis THEN I'll take up golf".(so far it's OK)
Have fun, good luck.
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no problem, off season is a killer.

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try tennisone.com. they have some good instructional pieces and my friend scott murphy anwers technical questions.

As with skiing, lots of stuff about tennis can be simplified and made more fun by a good pro.

As with skiing, there are good pros and not so good pros. Do a little homework and communicate with a few so you find out their communication styles.

Keep it simple and enjoy your journey into the sport of a lifetime.

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I found this when I was looking for a sports psycholgy article.


Si may know some good sites.
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I'm a bit late to this discussion, but try the message boards at tenniswarehouse.com. Relatively flame-free, and similar to these boards in many ways.
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One thing that really helps is to watch good players as much as possible, not necessarily on the pro tour but even the lower level USTA tournaments which are held frequently and free to watch, also college teams and practices. Like skiing, when your brain sees the sport being done at a high level of competence, your body will know what to do when you're on the court. Tim Galwey's book Inner Game of Tennis is either great or total crap depending on who you talk to but I found it helpful. Tennis is a great sport, the more you play the more you'll want to. Good luck, play in good health!
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