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Vail Resorts Pulls Out Of NASTAR - Page 2

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Your Epic Mix settings determine whether your information is private or public. If you select "My Friends" from the menu on the left of your "dashboard", and then click on "privacy settings", you can select whether your data remains private or public via facebook. There will be no Nastar-like totally public list, but if you and your friends "facebook" (is that a new verb?), you can check results for eachother.

I figured that might be the you know if there is a way to see who was the pace setter and what they ran that day and other days?  Even without stepping on privacy toes, I would think that VR could post all of a days times without names and/or what your time/handicap ranked similar to how the Nastar site does (with names).


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From the NASTAR website:

"Historically, the NASTAR program had its roots in France ...

I don't wish Vail ill but I share the resentment of many loyal NASTAR racers who have seen a long established successful program ripped off so blatantly.  The big losers are the racers who have qualified for the NASTAR Nationals in years past from Vail properties.  They will now have to travel to other resorts to qualify.   

As you said, Nastar didn`t invent the handicapping/comparison system but were the ones who popularized it in the US.    


For most that I see, the fun in Nastar type resort racing is to either try to beat your friend heads up or win a medal...most people I see at the VR properties here in CO don`t even know about Nationals.  I always have checked my results on the Nastar site in recent years, but doubt that a majority of participants do.  My guess is that a higher % may do it with Epic Mix Racing as they may already be in the habit of going to their dashboard to check their vert.   


I qualified (but didn`t attend) Nationals out of Breck previously...the way I see it, I can still try to qualify out of Copper if I want and ALSO have the chance to qualify for the Lindsey Vonn series...Ted is a great skier, but I know who I would rather have my photo taken with.

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Vail skiers wanting to run Nastar can go to Copper, Snowmass, Loveland, etc.
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*The course was on the same hill as prior Nastars at KS, but with less offset than I remember...not a technical course at all that I felt very comfortable on with my all mountain skis.  It was snowing heavily, so maybe the soft conditions just made it feel easier (and slower)...this could certainly change throughout the year.



I would describe every nastar course I've skied as straight; this does not sound like they are moving in a good direction. I guess dumbing it down further will increase the number of people who are paying to do it, which is of course the goal. 

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