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Congrats To DC

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Congratulations to DC on a hard fought and well deserved victory. :

[ May 27, 2002, 09:08 PM: Message edited by: AC ]
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At last, a decent race, shame about Inigo's engine letting go.

Did you see the post-race interview?
They asked Ralph about Inigo pulling over to stop because of the engine failure, and asked him if he was warned about the problem, or if he did anything to make sure it didn't happen to him. The first thing he said was "Can I make this clear, that was not team tactics" I'll bet his big brother didn't find that one funny!

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News just in...
The Ferrari F1 team recently fired the whole pit crew to employ some young guys from Limerick. This sudden move was taken after seeing a documentary about how young Limerick men can take off a car's tires within 6 seconds without proper equipment.

However, Ferrari soon encountered a flaw. The young men not only changed the tires in 6 seconds but 12 seconds later the car was resprayed and sold to the Mclaren team.
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Good one
There's some guys in the "states" that could do that too.
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