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From the Arc2Arc web page:

“The latest DVD release from Sean Warman and Images & Concepts - the leader in Visual Ski Education. Imagine is the new Gold Standard in accurate visual imagery providing a graphic inspection of today’s technical skiing. Bonus Tracks include Visualization Training, Ski Tips & Drills, Footage from the US Ski Team Camp, and Interviews from the respected cast of skiers. Imagine, take your skiing to the next level.”


Third video from Warman follows the same format as Images and Concepts and Going South minimal talking lots of great skiing with a strong emphasis on visualization. Great images of high level technical skiing by members of the PSIA “D” team and the US ski  team. Video includes Rogan discussing his experience coaching the US woman speed team and the importance of the basics; being forward, bending the ankles, basic balance and stance-lateral and forward and moving around the front of the boot. Demonstrations of drills to help you bring your skiing to the next level such as; one ski skiing, porpoise hops, railroad tracks, hop turns, skate to shape, dynamic wedge, basic parallel and wedge Christy. The segment with Jeb Boyd and Eric Lipton doing synchronized hop turns is impressive.


Great video, well worth the investment. Run time is about fifty minutes.



Available through the Arc2Arc web site. Ordering is fast and easy, the video was delivered within a few days after placing the order.


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Who is the crazy charging guys in the yellow jacket?

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I think that is either Eric Lipton or Mike Hafer.

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In the greeny/yellowy jacket with Lange boots is definitely Eric. Skied with him a few times this summer, shreds for sure.

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