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armada JJ - sizing and what bindings

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what's up everybody, i've been lurking for a long time but finally joined for your expert advice.  i'm generally a 20 day / year skiier who spends most of his time at vail, beaver, and mt baker.  this past season i went out and bought the '12 armada JJ's (185), but haven't skied them yet.  


I'm 6'1" and about 195lbs... I like to huck cliffs, ski trees, and occasionally hit a few kickers-- either manmade or in the park, but like everyone else, am focused on getting the best performance in pow.  i was worried that the 195s might be too much stick for me to handle... should i stick with the 185s or look to sell the 185s and size up?


now i have to buy bindings too.  i've been looking at the following...



marker jester schizo

fks 180

look pivot 18

look px 12


So my question is, how nice is it to have the +-6 cm adjustability in the jesters?  is it worth the risk of them breaking (because of the plastic)?


i understand the that fks 180 and the pivot are pretty much the same binding, and this seems like the lightest and sturdiest option.  others seem to like the px 12 too as a cheaper option.


any binding recommendations i missed?  how do you think these stack up against each other?

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You could add Salomon STH 14 Driver or STH 16, more towards the others you are mentioning. I think the PX12 from what I`ve read as not up to the others. What`s you DIN? I would say something like 7 to 9.


I can`t say anything about the JJs, but they look short for you, they are about your height and have a lot of rocker and are supposed to be really easy to ski on, very short turn radius...

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The Jester schizo are the way to go... Since you will be doing a little of everything...its quick the move your positioning depending on the conditions...

I ski a rosi S7 188, very similar to the JJ... And can ski any conditions with them... The schizos really give you that versatility...plus if your not sure where to mount your bindings, it will take the guess work out of the equation...
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so based on your feedback and what i read... i should look to size up to 195s and go with the jesters.


has anyone had experience w/ the jester breaking?  continuing to google, i'm hearing a lot of bad things about the plastic, and i'd rather go with a binding like the fks if it's more durable for the cliffs.


thanks guys!


- matt

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Once you find the sweet spot you won't move the bindings. Do some research and find out your optimal mounting position and go for a STH 14/16, FKS 140/160, or Jesters.

For your weight they do seam kinda small especially with the rocker on the JJ. Going bigger will gain stability for big lines and float in powder, but will be less maneuverability in the trees and added weight if that bothers u. It won't be much but you'll notice a difference in where you ski.

Edit: Jesters are bomber, you won't break them.
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I would stick with the 185's. For the bindings, don't even consider the Schizo's, first of all, there are to many issues with them and they are not very durable. And also on a ski like the JJ you don't need 6cm of adjustment, they are designed to be ridden on the line, or true center, no further back.

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