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I just wanted to share an experience in bootfitting.


I had some lower leg surgeries over the summer that improved some of my internal bio dynamics, but changed me enough that I was looking for something different than the Solly Ghosts I was in. I was lucky enough to be able to ski on Palmer this summer after healing up, and realized that particular boot did not fit my needs any longer


I was looking for a 3 buckle boot, for the progressive flex, and a middle buckle that would help with my notoriously hard to hold down heel. And maybe a bit more upright. A little wider last maybe due to my wider feet. Though I was prepared to do some work to the shell if need be.


I had some notion of what I thought I would walk out with and how much I was going to spend. Money was not really an issue.


I brought my footbeds, and my socks with me as well.


I ended up trying on about 6 different boots in total. Spending about 15 minutes in each one, making sure all the adjustments were rechecked to try and get the best fit.


Surprisingly I ended up walking out with a boot that I thought would be too soft. lacked small features that don't make a huge difference to me. And was real cheap.


I am now in a Nordica Double Six. The last is pretty similar to the Tecnica Agent 110 that fit my foot well. The only real difference I could tell was that they opened up the big toe area. A spot that I had punched on my Agent's. So no work needed there. They even hooked me up with the liner from the Ace of Spades that another customer had let them keep because he put intuitions in off the bat.


Just thought I would share.