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Race skis for tiny women

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me and my GF are about to enter a series of amateur ski races around here and we need some gear. Since some of the races are of a Super-G nature (either classified as a Super G or classified as downhill but clearly a safe one), we need some speedy long skis. Now here comes the trouble. I am a big tall dude with decent technique and power so I have millions of reasonably suitable skis to choose from. 

The lady, however, has a big problem because she's short and light :)


Women FIS SG skis are 205cm (or something like that) which is clearly ridiculous for a girl 158cm tall @ 55 kg. Despite being a good, rather strong and a dangerously daring skier, I just do not see that happening. It is a ski I myself might buy for that purpose.


So I am thinking of a workaround here...


Get a FIS spec GS women ski @ 183 cm, 30m radius and be happy with it as a Super G ski, because that's what it is for a small girl...


Get a junior Super G ski @ 175 cm and 27m radius and that's it.


What are your thoughts? I have been repeatedly told to stay away from junior skis even for girls but I personaly do not see a reason why a good female skier who is approximately  the size of a junior MALE racer (who is technically a better skier) couldn't use the same ski... Honestly, it would make a perfect sense to me...





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Saw your post, and had to smile when I was 14-15 I was about 50 to 55kg at 178cm (male).  Yes I was a bean pole.  I was skiing 210 (with about a 50 to 55m R) and loving it.  For the record they were Blizzard Anstiener GS skis (late 70's but the skis were older).   For the recorded at that time my mom at 165 was skiing 195's and only a few kilo's heavier.  The old days for straight skis. wink.gif


I'm guessing the women's GS, possible the men's GS might also be a good consideration (maybe a 2010-2011 model year).


One thing that you didn't mention, is this to be a multi-event ski? or will you have multi-ski quiver?


I'm sure that you'll get a few very good recommendation on the ski.

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Hi. Thank you for the reply. I used to have 207cm GS skis and loved them... but yeah, they were the old days ;-)


These will be highly specialised skis for speed events only where stability at higher speeds is the most important factor. We, indeed, have a broad pool of skis to choose from for various other purposes.


I haven't started looking at specific brands/products yet, I am just trying to figure out the general concept of the thing. Moreover, I will probably jump at a bargain when I see one even if it is not precisely what I want, because these will be skied 3 - 5 days a year tops, so an older model and a blowout sale would be just awesome. 



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What about a jr. SG ski?  




pretty spendy though, that's for sure.

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Well that was precisely my first idea - get junior SG's. And then several people dismissed the idea as ridiculous (without saying anything specific as to why - rambled about jr skis being for kids which is presumably "something very different" etc.)


So I wanted to ask the wise folk around here if anybody knows why a jr racing ski would be a bad idea for a light and short lady who happens to be a good aggressive skier...


To me it looks like a perfect match...

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My opinion, there's no reason. It's all about ski stiffness vs skier size and strength. If she is the size and strength of a junior racer, then jr skis will be the best choice.

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My daughter who is small and raced FIS used a Rossi 187 jr ski (I might be off by a few cm) a few years back when she was about 50 to 53kg.  The last two years she used a FIS level Rossi 191 - she weighs 55 kg.  No issues turning or bending this size ski, but she was skiing 100 + days per year and is strong.  Boys the same age but more girth often use 201s.  My son, who weighed about 56 kg last year used a 191 and could bend the ski nicely.  If you flex the Rossi SG skis in 207, you would feel a considerable difference in stiffness as compared to the current 196s or older 191s, which are more of an entry level FIS ski.


You might consider looking for a pair of SG skis at a ski swap - retiring racer kids often sell smaller SG skis that have been hardly used.


This year, Rossi sells a  186 jr SG ski, and an entry level FIS SG ski at 196 - the pick between the skis would be based on whether she believes that she can ski strongly and well enough to make the FIS level ski carve.


The issue she might have with a smaller ski could be related to how the course is set.  If it is a tighter SG sourse, a smaller radius ski might be to her benefit and a bigger beefier ski a detriment, but if it is laid out straighter with turns closer to 33 metres, the smaller ski would not be as fast.


Another question is does she have a race background?  If not, she might be better off with a Jr level ski. 

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Good. Exactly my thoughts... If the course is tight, screw it and take her GS skis instead (which she already has so we are looking for a faster stiffer brother here). Junior SG it is then. After all, it's fun races... no need to overthink it. Jut didn't want to go terribly wrong.

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My wife is 105 pounds or 47k, ths has won many races & raced here & Eu on jr Sg skis. The key I that in a speed event you want a softer, flexible shovel & that is not a GS ski. Fwiw, she runs a 186 or 191 jr ski for SG & a women's SG in 201/205 for DH.

Best wishes this season!
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Check the rules for the league you competing in they may have rules to follow.  Next ask other racers and coaches in your league for their advice. Take all answers with a grain of , a bite of lemon and avoid the worm at the bottom.   After you get all of the advice  and follow the rules for sizes look for a softer flex for your partner because of the weight.   Expect a medium flex may work for a couple of seasons, a soft flex will need to be replaced  after 2 seasons because of improved skills.   Some of the top Olympic women racers have changed to men race skis  to  accomodate their  skill level since they make a women ski  bend too much.    In general  I would look at the equipment used by the world cup racers and try to find  someone about the same size and check those skis out first and eliminate all from racers who are much bigger since the body mass does make a difference in how each ski will perform.

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Reality Check!!!!

Please correct me if I'm wrong...

1. This lady is not an experienced racer at least not an experienced SG/DH racer; otherwise she'd already know what she needs.

2. We're not talking about a kid so crashes hurt more and last longer.

3. These races are for fun but they are always more fun when you win.

Having been in this same position I offer the following opinions:

Most masters or rec SG's are set like a big GS on the pitch with some wide open sections on the flats.

Most masters or rec DH's are set like a J level SG without any jumps.

Longer length (185cm+) FIS GS skis in general are too stiff to flex enough in long SG/DH turns, forcing late turns and the use of too much edge angle.

Your competitive life is too short to compromise on the quality your equipment.

For sub FIS level masters and rec SG/DH there are usually no equipment rules beyond "Use Equipment Appropriate To The Event" 

To be fully prepared for every eventuality she should have Ladies SG ski (200+ cm) for DH, a Junior SG ski (185+ cm) for SG and a long junior GS ski 175+ cm or short softer Ladies FIS GS (180- cm) for tight SG.

These skis should be tuned with at least 1 degree of base bevel and no more than 2 degrees (88 degrees if you like) of side bevel. More side bevel makes the ski grabby and unpredictable at speed (sad and painful personal experience).

Plan B... forget the Ladies 200+ SG and go for a bit longer Junior SG ski and use it for DH too.

I have used GS skis in a SG before and found the ride to be way too exciting.

SG skis are a better idea for speeds over 45 or 50 MPH 

OK Bears, I'm braced, let me have it !!!!

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Originally Posted by Speeder View Post

Plan B... forget the Ladies 200+ SG and go for a bit longer Junior SG ski and use it for DH too.

I have used GS skis in a SG before and found the ride to be way too exciting.

SG skis are a better idea for speeds over 45 or 50 MPH 

OK Bears, I'm braced, let me have it !!!!


Well, if you read through the thread posts 4-9, you'd have noticed that jr. SG skis where in several suggestions, and that the OP thought they were a good idea as well. 

(Bonk on the head cartoon sound with an 'ouch' emoticon here)

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