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One Ski Quiver

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Hi Guys,


New use and first post so hopefully its on topic for where it ends up.


Am looking for a one ski quiver and was wondering whether someone could give opinions on the skis I am looking at, or suggestions of ones to look at. 


I am an advanced skiier 6 foot, 70kg (156 lb i think). Because of my light weight I sometimes cannot handle certain skis as I just dont have the power to push them around. Am currently skiing on some old as the hills Seth Pistols which are 95 underfoot. 


Im thinking of an all mountain/big mountain ski with a waist width of anywhere between 95-108. 


I tried the Volkl Bridge and found them quite nice, but have also been recommended a pair of Moment Belafontes. Reading a few reviews it also seems that the Blizzard Bonafides are pretty awesome.


Which of these would be best, or are there any other recommendations? I ski primarily in NZ so the majority would be skiing through crud, heavy new snow with a spot of groomers and the occasional powder day (virtually everything)



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I'm 5'9" and 150.  I ski the Bonafides in the 180 length.  I like them quite a bit, although I'm not fully used to their length and stiffness yet.  For you, with more leverage, I would think they'd be great.  I guess it somewhat depends on what "advanced" means.  The bones don't read your mind, they need to be driven.

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Volkl bridges and moment belefonte are two pretty different skis.

Where are you skiing in NZ?
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Thats exactly what I thought, perhaps the advice was based on product loyalty!

I ski at Treble Cone in the South Island but also ski now and then in North America

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