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I bought a pair of boots online without trying them on...

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Yep, I did it.


Picked up a pair of Rossignol Alias 100 with a 104 last - mondo size 30.5


left foot 12" right foot 11.5" - my feet are wide like a Polish mother of 4.


I know I know I should have went and had a pair fitted but these were so cheap online!


If they are too big theres things a boot fitter can do right? :)


Can you recommend someone in the Maine/NH area?



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without knowing anything about you or your skiing, i can tell you based on your claimed shoe size (length, which 90 percent of skiers overstate because they want comfy shoes) that a 30.5 is at least 1 size too big if not 2.


size 11.5/12 shoe =mondopiont 28.5 for a performance fit and 29.5 for the bar stool fit. the 30.5 is the barcley lounger fit, as in so big and comfy you never need to leave the house.smile.gif


good luck, your new boots are already too big. smile.gif


a good bootfitter will be able to help you put a shipping label on the box and send those babies back. a really good bootfitter will show you the proper method for turning those gun boats into a nice window box planter where you could have fresh herbs all year long.smile.gif



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read that and see how much to big the boots are.


how much can be done,  well if they are 1 size too big, a bit, if they are 2 sizes nothing. 


GOod luck

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One more voice-----------------------------


Those puppies are too big----do  a shell check as described in the suggested WIKI.


Boots to big = no control = no confidence = skills that seem not to work = back seat skiing = 


burning quads = no fun!!!!!!!!!hissyfit.gif.  Why do we go skiing if not for the fun----get the boots right and the 


cost of that lift ticket will seem worth it------all the money you saved on the internet seems a moot point,


when you consider the cost.



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How much would it cost me to have you write my replies?



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Thats what I was hoping for, a near perfect size.


Thanks guys! ski.gif

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Ok. HOLD ON one stinken minute here. The denial is wearing off...1 more second please..ok, ok ok I think Im ready to face the facts here.


So not one or two but THREE boot fitters just told me they are to big. well #(@)#$! on a stick.


Ill craigslist em.


Thanks again!

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On Sep 10, 2012, at 5:10 PM, wrote:
                *******SECOND NOTIFICATION*******

We are sending you the following information for the above sales order.

Your Credit Card billing address did not match the issuing banks information.
Please contact us by Email or phone with the correct billing address of the
card so that we can finish processing your order. 575.377.2376

Shipping Tracking No.:
Carrier              : Other
Ship Via            : FreeEconomy Shipping
Ship Date            : 09/10/2012

Qty      BO        Style          Description            Price      Total Price
                    Color          Sizes                  Widths

1.00      1.00      RB18010        2012. M's Rossi Alias S $225.00    $225.00
1.00      1.00      ORANG          30.5                           

SubTotal  : $225.00
Freight    : $0.00
Handling  : $0.00
Total Tax  : $0.00
Order Total: $225.00

Thank you very    much for your business.

...it worked out so now ill get the mondo size 29
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You missed the most important point.  We can tell you if they are too long but we cannot tell you if they fit in any other dimension.  Buying boots online is just plain a poor idea.

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Just hang onto the bubble wrap from the packaging, you may need it!


This was entertaining and especially when b3nt4snow has such a good sense of humor too!


I still theorize that this boot experience is a rights of passage all skiers must experience on their path to enlightenment!

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Quote: "this boot experience is a rights of passage all skiers must experience on their path to enlightenment!"icon14.gificon14.gificon14.gif


I agree Bud, the only problem is that, in most instances it often takes 10--15 yrs to play itself out.frown.gif



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- take 2 minutes to stretch your hands and fingers prior to reading on -


So we're talking millimeters here. widths of pencils, heck twice the gap of my Volvo's spark plug. Its hard to imagine that my foot wouldnt swell or the thickness of a sock couldnt take up a little extra space. Oh and get this I was surfing the subject and found on eHow they were saying just toss your boot liner into the oven for 10min at 225 degrees then stick it into the shell and wallah perfect fitting liner. :)


Im not skiing black diamonds or laying train tracks down the north face. Im just carving up the corduroy listening to Axl whine about Mr.Brownstone.


However the time I skiied Zugspitze in Germany on rental equipment I had the burning quads and always felt like I was in the back seat. I chalked it up to dehydration and poor skills, but good to know that a pooly fitting ski boot will do that as well. Ive also had the 10,000 leagues under the sea tight & stiff boot that I would unbuckle before even getting to the bottom of the run, cold toes, numbness, no fun.


Im going to use up a Saturday getting fitted for ski boots arent I, crap.


No no, its for the best, one afternoon dedicated to getting the perfect fitting ski boot will make the whole season awesome. I just never gave it this much thought before.


It was fun chatting with you guys, thanks for your time.



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