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Skis with some beef - but not too much!

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What skis do you think have enough beef to handle thick variable snow conditions in the steep but sill have a lively character and don't need to be piloted by a heavyweight at Mach speed?

I am 5'7 158lb fit energetic skier level 7/8. I have been skiing the Sir Francis Bacon in 178. I love this ski in good soft snow conditions but I'm looking for something with more stability for "not so good" conditions: thick heavy snow with some broken crust, wind rime, ice chunks etc. In these conditions I still ski 80% off piste looking for (sometimes hiking for) wind drifts, weather unaffected snow, etc. I like to "carve" a good number of energetic medium-radius turns in this stuff, adapting to terrain and snow conditions - getting most of my speed coming across the hill at the bottom of the turn, not "charging" down it. I pop off small rocks but don't huck big drops. DIN=10. Groomed snow performance is not the key priority but definitely need more hard snow grip than the SFB in these conditions. My other in service ski is the Atomic Crimson Ti. This generally has enough hard snow grip but is short on stability and float for this type of off-piste application.

I've been thinking of the Gotama, Prophet 98 or Bonafide - probably in that order - and would appreciate opinions from those who've skied these - or others! - in the conditions I'm talking about.
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Something to try or keep in my mind for what you are describing ski wise. My favorite all around ski with 100 + waist, but still able rip down a line is the Atomic Coax. Which i do believe has changed to the Ritual with some modifications to the shape. I have skied this ski in Jackson in a variety of terrain and never felt like the ski lacked any performance with our changes of snow pack and conditions from top to bottom . There is an excellent review of the Ritual by Blister Gear,  something i would mention to you as are looking at skis of that genre/style. 



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You are not that big of a guy, 100+/-mm should be in your wheelhouse. Bonafide at the top of my list for you with the P98 and HellnBack being other choices. If you want to get over 100, the Rev 105, Line105 and Ritual should be on your list. 



Edited to add Head Rev105

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After skiing a season on 108 width I'm left wondering what the point is in 98? 105+ feels right to me for crud and the Bacons were fun on piste (incl switch) when no ice. But some skis in this width range seem either too pow specific for mixed conditions or too burly for my stature (e.g. Cochise) so maybe Line 105 or Ritual would be the way to go. No votes for the Gotama? What about length... Mostly it seems that "fatter" also goes with "longer", but for me I'm wondering if the reverse is true - maybe I can get the stability I need with manageable length (e.g. 178-182 for my 172cm height) rather than looking potentially at a longer ski in the sub-100 width range?

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A little bigger than you, 185 and 6' but I can speak very highly of the gotamas as a good all around loose snow ski. I ski then in 178 and they seem to ski shorter than you expect. I think of myself more as a turner than a charger and a wonderful ski. Wouldn't want them as an everyday piste ski but for what you describe I would recommend.
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Just a note to say thanks - not for the first time I have done well to heed Philpug's advice. Ended up with the P98 thanks to a great end of season deal (Bonafides SOLD OUT). Have given them a reasonable thrashing in the full range of variable spring snow conditions - just what I bought them for - and they have more than met my expectations. Now it is clear that my limitations are only due to stamina and technique... Had the chance to demo some gotamas which were great also but for the mixed conditions I was looking for 98 does seem the sweet spot for me.
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