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Advice on New Skiis - Need some Epic Advice

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Hey all, I'm sure this has been asked numerous times so please don't hate me. This is my first topic here but I've been a longtime reader, some very knowledgeable people here so I feel lucky to have the chance to get some great advice.


I just graduated college from UVM (University of Vermont, I skied Sugarbush BTW) and my entire time up there I was on a much older pair of Atomic R11s which in their hay day were great skis but too damn old and worn out for me. I raced for many years before college and still every now and then up there I would take out my Racetigers for the no snow fall days. You could say I grew up on race skis and do still enjoy them very very much, but I really need something to replace those worn out Atomics for days that the slaloms will not suffice. This year and for much further I'll be skiing in New Hampshire most likely with the occasional trip back up to Sugarbush, maybe some up in Maine. 


I weigh about 155 pounds, about 6 feet tall and I plan on getting even more in shape for the winter. I've always skied something that perhaps may be slightly too much for me but even on the race hill never had a problem, so this does open some options for me. I know that it is tough to get a ski to truly do it all, but as I'm on the east coast it is important to me to have a ski that is going to be stable at high speeds that you can engage the tips nicely. This is why I ruled the Volkl RTMs out asap, almost every review I read of them said that they really aren't the best at high speeds and forget about using the tips.


I've been reading some great reviews here about the Blizzard Bonafides. Sounds like they are a great ski that can really do everything quite well. I'm slightly concerned that those might not be the best for out east though. I've read some good reviews about the Blizzard MPower 8.7s, the Atomic Alibis. Still seriously on the market so any idea is seriously appreciated. Hope everyone is getting ready for the winter. Thanks in advance.

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G'day. When I was in your position a good friend had me demo different pairs every weekend for a month. After trying almost a dozen different skis I'd seen enough to go back to the first pair I tried.

That's really the best way to do it. With some luck the shop will apply the $ you've already spent to the price of the new skis.

Good luck!

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