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Whistler in early January?

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I go to Whistler most years, usually in February or April, sometimes both, but for a variety of reasons the fist week of January might be easier this year.  I know every year is different, but what does the snow tend to be like at that time of year?  Is most of the Alpine usually open, including the steeper stuff?  (Sorry if this has been answered, but I tried a few searches and couldn't figure out how to narrow down the results.)

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Whistler will be fine by January.Possible plus or minus coverage but doubt it won't be fully open. Don't worry about it. 

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Well as you mention depends on the year.  But everything was open by early Jan the last few years.  Would not be unusual.

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Weather is hard to predict but the last week of December will be very busy regardless of the weather so as it is with most resorts, it is best to give the mountain some time in early Jan. to recover from the busiest week of the year.

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Early Jan is usually a good time to go - I typically do two trips there a year, early/mid January and late March or early April. The Alpine should be completely open by then, the holiday crowds have left and the high season crowds have not yet arrived.

The snow is usually good too since there will not have been many if any freeze/thaw cycles. If there's been a gap between storms for a couple of weeks (kinda rare) then at worst you'll have boilerplate up top. It can get cold though - last January, the daily high was -20C for three days straight. On the plus side, it wasn't raining in the Village...

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Thanks...this is sounding like it could work...

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