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Room needed in Breckenridge

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Hi everybody!

im heading back to Breck this year(from Australia) and am hoping to do the whole season but since all my friends are only going for a small while i need to find my own accomodation! im 21 years old,have done many seasons,worked as an instructor in whistler but now i just compete in slopestyle skiing and shred for a good time.

Coming off a knee reconstruction and broken ankle(thankyou woodward copper) im preety stoked to be back on snow! let me know if you have any leads for me :)


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There are some knowledgeable people here  in regards to Breck.  One friend of mine was a part of a shared house where it was cheap to live but you had to do some of the jobs around the house as part of your rental obligation.  I'll see if she has any info. 

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Check the Summit Daily on-line classifieds. There usually are lots of both rooms and apartments listed. It's a bit slow right now but should pick up in October. Also check VRBO. Some of those did poorly enough last season that they may be more interested in a season-long rental at lower rates.
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