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Theres a few Skier/Surfers Bears out there. So I thought i would post his and find out who what where and when of the Surfing Bears.
I started Surfing in 1964 of all places New Jersey! Surfing and Skiing have a lot in common They are both sports that emphasize freeedom and playing with the Earths natural forces.Some of the best surfers in the world are also skiers and yes snowboarders.Some of the names that Come to Mind are Mike Doyle He claims to have invented the mono ski in Jackson Hole,Joey Cabell he and his Partners founded the Chart House restaurant chain in Aspen Colorado,Don Hanson started Hanson Surfboards in the late 1950's now lives and skis in Sun Valley ID. As Beach towns get more and more populated and The Beaches and waves more crowed Surfers look for other refuges and the Mountains offer much of the same challenges that the ocean does.
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I started to take up surfing ( I never got good) , but the LOCALS make it too much of a hassle. Which I guess they like to hear.
Maybe I'll try one of those wave machines.
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they're cool, bro. i mean, dude.

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Yeah localism is one of the bad parts of Surfing. It's a blight on the sport that I have always resisted. Nobody owns the Ocean. localism can make learning as an adult vary difficult. Your there to have fun who needs some jerk in your face Cuz he thinks he's a Local and somehow that gives him more rights.
The good news Is that there are now Surf Camps and Surf resorts poping up all over Mexico. a learn to surf program.I was just looking at a place in Mexico called Kanahar.Looks really sweet and not all that expensive.Surfing in Tropical waters with plam trees swaying girls in Bikinis and Cold Cervasas waiting at the end of the surf session.Those are just a few things to like about Surfing.
Oh Yeah Body boarding counts.

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hey Utah; been buried in work. Snowbird closed Yesterday and I hear it was a blast.. lots of t-shirts and scantily clad women...and sunshine and great snow.
I learned to surf at Montauk, Long Island; if you didn't have a longboard you didn't get any waves, period. When my buddies and I took our first trip to California, I was all set to meet nasty locals. Instead; everyone was friendly and even welcoming; of course we chose low key breaks. I've had some experience, but no talent and little skill.. so having six guys and a chick named Mary on a ten foot longboard who stands on the tail and does these giant pivot turns to cut off the head of anybody dropping in all scratching for the same wave I'm trying to catch threw my concentration.. That's why I like Mexico so much; cheap, close and uncrowded.
I found myself in the enviable position of being able to choose where to live about ten years ago..I'd started skiing and was spending winters in Utah teaching college and summer & fall on Long Island. I was in the water one day at my home break, Ditch Plains in Montauk, fighting for mushy two foot waves with surly teenagers, and Utah just seemed to make more sense.
But there are so many days when you paddle out , just with a friend or two, or even alone when dawn is breaking, the water is silver and the sky pearl grey streaked pink; you'll maybe spot some dolpins or even a whale. Everything is silent except the boom and hiss of surf on shore and then those beautiful, clean walls come in from the horizon.. you let one or two go and study how they're setting up, watching the white fringe start to form and feather at the crest.. choose one and angle in, stroke for it and feel that weightless moment when you become one with the wave.. the earth. and then you're up and gliding..

guess I don't miss it much, huh?
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Well said Rubob. If we have a good Summer here Then I'm going to take my bonus and do a Mex trip in the fall.Spend some time in down there reliving my mis-spent youth. Lets see New skies fro wife and Me,New 9'0" speed shape longboard ticket to Mex hmmmmmmmmm I need to sell some Art, better get back to work
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