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Salomon X3 120 CS??

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I'm looking at new boots again.    Last season I skied the Tecnica Dragon Slayer.   Fine boot, but I bought it too big!  (bought the 27.5 shell and should have bought the 26.5)   Since I'm going to make a change, I'd like to ski a little lighter (weight) boot.  My first interest was a touring boot: the Dynafit Titan.   I finally dismissed this boot feeling that the boot was making compromises to span two worlds.


So, I found the Salomon X3 120.    Is this purely a race boot or can it become my daily driver?   I prefer skiing powder rather than the groomers.   (powder by Utah/Colorado standards)   I ski aggressively.   I am 175 to 180lbs before gear.   From what little I've read, I believe I have the foot for this boot.  I have a foot with slightly below average, to average,  volume.


How much of a pain is the shell customization process?   What should I expect to pay for the fitting and shell cook session?

Thanks for your comments in advance!

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You need to see a boot fitter but probably a different one than the one that sold you the DS a size too big (unless of course that was your choice rather than his recommendation). Within the range of 98mm boots, there are myriads of choices and many fit variations. Some will be incrementally better than others. A bootfitter will get you into the best possible starting point and modify from there. This service is often included in the price of the boot.


No.....the X3 120 is not a race boot however, a race boot is not a bad call for someone that skis aggressively.

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Sierra Jim,   I will agree with you that I need to see a different boot fitter...    


Any other comments about the X3 120 CS?    How's the forward lean?  (I'm looking for a boot that has near old school lean.)   I have read that this boot is cold.   Is that because this is such a close fitting shell?    What about canting this boot;  Can the sole be shaved and the dins re-cut?  (looks like a mono-injected boot)


Can anyone tell me the difference between the Salomon Impact 120 cs and the X3 120 cs ?

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The Nordica Patron pro will fit your foot better.



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Why do you say the Nordica boot will fit me better??

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It will fit your particular foot shape better in the heel/ankle and also in the instep/midfoot circumference.



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