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Renting in Kitzbuhel/Kirchberg

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I'm heading to Austria for my first European ski trip.  Anyone know how easy is it to rent skis other than carvers there?


The shops I found online were all just listing carvers and I'd want something with a wider waist (normally ski a 90mm waist).  I'd rather not lug my own skis. Getting 4 people plus gear from Much to the mountains just seems like more pain than it's worth, plus we''re spending a few non-skiing days in the city at the end of the trip.

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Well, I'm probably not the one to ask, but: I went to Kitzbuhel with my family of four last year, flying into Munich; after looking at rental rates we decided to bring our skis. It was much cheaper (free bags on int'l flights), and the same thing, not sure we could get anything wider than 70, and we were planning on skiing a lot off piste. How many days are you planning on, and is it one family or individuals? (ie, $60 a day x 3 days for 1 person isn't as jaw dropping as $60/dayx 3 days x 4 people.) So, I reserved a van, so that we could transport everything around Germany and Austria.


When we got to the airport, there were no vans. Anywhere. I discovered we had arrived on the day that Europe's version of SIA was starting. There were groups of skiers dragging gear all over the car agencies at MUC, and no vans left. We ended up having to rent TWO cars to transport our gear, so it did end up costing about the same as if we had hired skis. Plus gas, so probably a bit more. But we got to use our own skis, which was kind of nice. 


Anyway, I have gone to Europe to ski three times, and taken skis twice. If you are renting a car, it's really not that bad to haul the skis around. (As long as the car is big enough.) If you are on the train, yeah, sounds like a pain. 

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It's 4 people.  I was looking at renting a wagon with a ski rack.  Part of the desire to not bring them is that we'll be spending a few days in Munich after skiing and I was planning to dump the car and use trains for those days.

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Its no problem to rent all kinds of skies in kitzbühel. even if they dont have it on their homepages - just ask. if you want to be sure call them ahead or send an email.


Also Kitzbühel is just a 2 hour train ride from munich - you could just save the money for the car hire and use the skibuses in kitzbühel, they are free for ppl with ski passes. Train ride starts at 78€ for 4 persons / one direction.

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