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Chase the snow

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Ok, 4 of us (all guys) are getting out to do some skiing March 6-10. We decided to buy airfare from BWI-SLC and then see where the snow is before deciding on a resort.


I will be going to the Canyons in January and two others are going to PCMR for their kids' spring break starting on March 10.


Our thought was to see where the good snow was before committing to a resort, especially after the less than stellar snow last year. How late would you wait to book a place? We are only interested in ski in/out (or very easy walk) places as we have few days to ski and don't want to be on a bus...


We have in mind Snowbird/Alta, but are there any other places to consider? 


The first and last days are for travel, so it is really only three days of skiing. We are all pretty good skiers, but not seeking out cliffs or anything crazy.


We will not have a car either.



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I hate to rain on your parade. That's not chasing the snow, that's booking a trip to SLC!

Maybe if you were willing to drive to Jackson or Gran Targhee?


With your requirements, just book something up at Alta/Bird.  Conditions there will be better than PC, guaranteed!


A rental would be cheaper than four RT shuttles.    

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Maybe I should have said "chase the snow in and around utah"?


Are there other resorts that offer easy access to another one?


From what I read, there is more snow at Alta/Snowbird than the PC that should be a plus (even if a down year I hope).

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From what it sounds like you should just go ahead and book something slope side at alta/bird now. That will be the safest thing to do if you insist on not having a car and want good conditions since they offer a relatively higher altitude and more snow than anyplace else. They key is to step up and get a car. Then you can a) wait until right before you get there and make the call between slc and Jackson Hole 5 hours away or b) just get a hotel in slc and look at am snow reports before deciding.
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