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Dad needs boots :)

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Hi guys,


Posting on behalf of my dad. He's looking to buy new boots, and found a model he really liked, which I think were Head AdaptEdge, but he can't find them anywhere in his 25.5 size. He's looking for something with a 104mm last, so I was curious whether you guys know of any models that are comparable that he can look for in his size, that are maybe in the range of $350 or under?


He's like 5'8, 150ish, early 50s, has some issues with his back and side, but he's an excellent skier though he mostly sticks to on-piste and moguls, if that matters!


Thanks a bunch!


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has he tried the model with a fitter? really liking something generally implies that he has seen a picture or the boot in a different size and thinks he likes it..... the boot is made in 25.5 i have 2 sets in my stock room (but that is in the UK) the best thing he can do is see a good fitter and get the correct boot for him.


most if not all mens boots are now made in size 25.5 and many down as far as a 24.5, the edge is a big wide padded boot, great if that is your foot shape and you prefer cruising form coffee stop to coffee stop, but it is not really a skiers boot....


he needs to be measured and assessed properly but as options there is the Vector 100 from head, the M90 or 110 from Atomic, then you have the Hawx from atomic or the RX from Lange + numerous others that might work, but it is impossible to say without his feet  all these are a bit narrower starting at 103 down to 100mm but it is rare that we see feet that require the 104mm boots


sorry i can't give a definitive answer, good luck getting him sorted

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Yup, he's tried on boots in 25.5 and it fits well, but when he wanted the model in 25.5 the store sent it in 25 and it was too small (not just feels too small, toes mashing up against the front part). When he sent it back to get the right size, they said they were out, and he's been looking for the right size elsewhere: I guess 25.5 is a popular size haha. And believe it or not the width is necessary - I inherited his super wide feet and I needed to have my 104 boots widened further b/c apparently that was the reason I kept losing feeling in the balls of my feet!


Thanks for the input! We'll be sure to check those out :)

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the 25.0 and the 25.5 are the same shell, so the liner will stretch out to be the same in a few days.   Make sure he is using a very thin sock to start with (go thicker as the boots packs out) or get the store to heat up the liner to help it mold and stretch faster.


Just a bit worried that the "fitter" didn't tell him that the 25.0 and 25.5 are the exact same boot/fit.  not a good sign

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Quote: "Just a bit worried that the "fitter" didn't tell him that the 25.0 and 25.5 are the exact same boot/fit.  not a good sign."


I agree with mtlion---what you have there is a boot seller----not a "bootfitter".


The only difference in a 25.0 and a 25.5 is the thickness of the factory insole in the boot---the 25.0 will have a thicker one, which makes it feel tighter.


If a pair of boots is going to work after they break in, they should be "very tight" when you first put them on.  If you were to push your knees downward/forward toward your toes, the pressure on you toes should decrease, this would indicate how they will feel after break in.  If your toes don't touch anything in new boots the boot is "to big".  


Read the WIKI "Which boot will work for me" at the beginning of "Ask the boot guy's" section.  



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We sell the Adaptedge and it is a good boot, especially for ee width feet of which there aren't a great deal.  If your dad is one of those then the 25 should work as well as the 25.5.  If he isn't then he needs to not decide he wants a 104mm last but rather as these guys said go to a bootfitter not a seller and get an assessment.



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