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If you enjoyed "Come Find Us" you might want to head to the Emerson Center tonight for the debut of Act Natural:




When making ski movies, directors can’t fake the snow; they have to follow it. And if there’s no snow on the slopes, filmmakers will pack it to the streets.


That’s what Toy Soldier Productions had to do last winter to make “Act Natural,” which debuts tonight at the Emerson Cultural Center. It’s Toy Soldier’s third full-length ski film in as many years but the snow wasn’t as cooperative last winter.

“Weather is pretty unpredictable, and it pretty much drives what you do and where you go,” said director Justin Brodin.

The team’s first film, “Come Find Us,” featured freestyle skiers skidding, flipping and crashing during the winter of 2009-2010. The producers limited filming to Montana ski hills and locations, which included the stairs, railings and abutments of local towns.

“Taking your talent to the streets is kind of the ultimate test of what you can do because it changes things a lot,” Brodin said. “The urban setting is just a reflection of the (terrain park), taking a lot of those features to where they originated.”

That formula is continued in this film, but the snow came late to Montana last winter. So the production team threw its cameras and skis in cars and plied its trade in seven other western states and Canada as the snow moved through each.

From the story in the Bozeman Chronicle this morning. The film plays at 7 and 9 p.m. tonight. Tickets are $12 in advance at the Chalet and $15 at the door.