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Go Leafs Go!!

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At the start of the third round I gave my boys the pessimistic prediction of a score of 4-1 for the huricanes and lossing the series in 5 games. Where do you get a defense at the start of the third round and with 7+ guys out of the line up? GO LEAFS GO!!!
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Hey. Good on the Leafs (my wife thinks it should be LEAVES) for playing so well. Domi is a little stud!!! I hope they make the finals, but I hope they don't beat the Wings for the CUP. I definitely hope the Wings beat the Avs, those jerky little milky lickers! GO WINGS!!!

Spag :
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Win for Quinn! Hope it ain't a heartstopper....I am with you original six final is in order...I think the first since 89? Habs and Rangers...????
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Who did the Rangers play in '93? I thought it was Toronto. Maybe I'm mistaken.
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Originally posted by Notorious Spag:
Hockey Town is going to bring the cup back home!
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Stick a fork in 'em and turn 'em over. The Leafs are done.
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As a die hard Leaf fan I think that the writing is on the wall. With the 'Canes standing defense, a goalie that is everwhere, and a sick coach....nuff said. Rumour has it that Tucker has been seen getting his clubs regripped and Roberts has a tee time on Sunday afternoon. Was great while it lasted.
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I gotta agree! The Leafs are looking cooked. Looks like our heroes will remain Johnny Bower, Davey Keon and....clear the's Eddie Shack! 1967 seems like a million years ago!
Er...Alta, "home" I believe is on St. Catherines!

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Spag...'93ish...NYR and the Canucks...went 7 and OT if I remember right.
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Yeah that's right. Richter was HUGE in the net that season. Leech had a huge bag o' knuckles, and I was working in a casino watching it all on the big screen. Didn't get much work done during the play-offs.
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Back to Taranta!
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Never fails. Just as the fat lady steps up to the stage, they pull off a game like they did last night. NOT even going to comment on the next game.
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I'll have my jersey and hat on tonight. Never say die. Leafs in seven . Bring on Colorado. GO LEAFS GO !!!!!!!!!
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Leafs in 7, Wings in 7...nordiques stay in Denver! Expect some action in the creases tonight! Cujo needs to be brilliant, meybe we could get Ken to come out of the office?....prediction, Domi plays nice, scores winner!
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I don't think that I could have said it better. An original 6 final would be the best. When the crowd chats tonight; join in and our collective voice will be heard at The Hanger and take them to the final round. They don't call us the most LOYAL fans for nothin.
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Geez, overtime kills us agin! I was getting a little agro with Sundin and his leadership from the box! Then he gets us to OT! Cujo played great! No dishonour there! Just a lapse in the D! Had to happen though...they couldn't afford not to press for offense! ATTA GO LEAFS! Ya made a hell of a run of it! GO WINGS GO! (me Mum's from Windsor!)
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Wings/Avs Game Seven!!! McCarty needs another Hat Trick!! I figure that as long as Hasek stays lucky and Roy keeps scoring on himself we should be good to go. It would be nice if Stevie Y. and Shanahan would get a little more involved, too. Avs are on their heels with injuries. Yelle, Keane, and a few other starters are out! Go Wings!!! :
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Spag, whatta game! My Dad called from Victoria in the second yelling, "serves the cocky french B*sta*d right after bailing on the olympics!!" It wasn't so much Roy as a colapsing D, screening and decent puck placement....but now all cylinders are scoring!
The Canes will have to use their size and stand'im up in the NZ or they are toast! Irbe will have to continue his brilliance. First time too non-norteamericanos are between the pipes.
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Boy did I enjoy watching the Avs getting the tar beaten out of them. Serves 'em right for stealing the franchise from Quebec City.
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RRREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD WWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Heard the 'canes are looking for a storm shelter.
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Wings in 5! Hey, I wanna see an ad with Gordie Howe sporting a mullet!
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Looks like "LUCKY" Luc has a shot at finally skatin' the cup. Shoulda had one with Melrose(Count Mullet-ula) but his players "did" play with illegal stick blades. :
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The cup has been away from its home for to long. My bet, Wings in 4, thats right, full sweep.

Did I mention that I grew up just outside of Detroit? Pine Knob Baby!!!
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Oh Boy...canes win in Hockeytown in OT!!! Here we go again! A speedbump, a slight setback, a hiccup, a temporary lack of concentration, an aberation, a tossed bone......GO WINGS!
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I blame bordem and the police. The defense was bored, they had not worked hard all night, Hasek got sweated by the man before the game. Seriously, did anybody see the footage of him getting a ticket on the way to the game?

The Hurricanes played a great game, and I enjoyed watching it, but that will be their last one.
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