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Taos lodging

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Looks like our early March trip to New Mexico and Pagosa is back after a year's hiatus due to arrival of grandchildren, and we'll probably spend four or five days atTaos after visiting family in Santa Fe and before using a friend's house in Pagosa.

So, where to stay inTaos? We've stayed in town and driven to the mountain in the morning, and then tried staying near the valley to avoid the a.m. drive in exchange for an afternoon drive to eat dinner in town. Lodging in the valley itself is prohibitively expensive (for cheapskates) so we've tried the Amizette Inn a couple of times, only a five minute drive to the lot, but I'd like something a little less funky and tired, although having breakfast overlooking the rushing brook, otters, and birds is a treat. I'm now thinking that the a.m. drive isn't so bad especially since the mountain parking lots are pretty empty at that time of year.

Suggestions at either end? We stayed at Dreamcatcher a few years ago and liked it, but it's a bit of a hike to the plaza and dining. The Best Western is a real pit.
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The Best Western is a real pit.


At least it's on the right side of town?   The place across the street is Trip Advisors #1, but it was a pit 20 years ago?

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IF you want a luxe hotel, then there's the El Monte Sagrado. It has the coolest indoor pool you could ever want (small but super deep), a very nice bar and good but expensive dining room. the rooms are little themed casitas. Haven't stayed there since season before last, but it was very nice (yet in Taoseno funkadelic way.)




The La Fonda has the history and a great and also expensive dining room, but you have to be careful because it's old, so some rooms are wonderful and some are frightening.

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If you are interested in a house or a condo, take a look at  I've referred people to them over the years and nobody has ever been disappointed.  The perfect location is in Upper Colonias, which is off of the Ski Valley Road near State Hwy 522.  It is convenient to both the Ski Valley and the restaurants on the north end of town.   If you want to be closer to the Ski Valley, they will have something around Seco or El Salto.

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Thanks for the help. The place across from the BestWest is El Pueblo, indeed rated #1 by TA, but many reviews make it sound old, tired, and grungy. La Dona Luz seems to be very nice for the money, right in the middle of town. I'll check Taos vac homes.
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