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Need Advice on Which Ski to Buy for my Dad

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Hey Guys,


Need some help here. My dad is a great skier, been skiing for around 35 years. He's 52 now. He's definitely and expert skier, though he is slowing down and not as strong as he used to be. He currently skis on Some Salomon Scream 8p Skis (165cm) and doesn't really like them at all. He bought them cheap because they were demos and didn't have enough time the past few years to justify buying a new set. Now he has some more time and is looking to buy a new pair. He's Five Eight 175 lbs, so thinking about getting something around 169. 


Anyways I'm a lot better about researching and using forums to get info about things ike this, so he asked me to find some good candidates for him. 


He's looking for an all mountain ski. Loves doing tree runs and back country stuff, but also likes to hit the moguls and will do groomed runs throughout the day too. Hits powder when he can, but usually not super deep stuff. Obviously he's never going into the park. He want's something that will be stable and fun to ride, but is agile too. I'd say he does pretty = amounts of in and off the piste. I guess I would say he has an old school skiing style? Learned how to ski on the old skinnies.


So what are his options here? Budget is around $700 for the skis themselves, he wants to get something that should leave him set for a long time to come. I'm thinking rocker would be good for what he wants. Seams like there are some good sales going on right now s if possible it would be great to get them from there- doesn't have to be this years model.


What do you guys think of the 2012 K2 Kung Fujas? They're on sale for $400 at Colorado Ski and Golf, which seams like a pretty great deal.


Twin tip is fine- My brother and I are both good all mountain skiers and we're all about the same height at 5-8. So if lets say he ever did decide to get other skiis later, one of us could possibly use the ones he gets now too- in fact my dad and I have the same boot size too so depending on what boots he gets I could possibly use his skiis with a few adjustments when he doesn't go up with us. So twin tip is good- seams like a lot of all mountain skis are twin tip anyways. However, could also get directional skis to...


Thanks in advance!


Also- what would be some good bindings to get? Lightweight is good. I have the Schizo Jesters, but nto sure if the side-release is what he should be looking for for what he's doing. thought the K2 Kung Fujas have a specific mounting system for the Marker Schizos.

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Fujas is a pretty good choice as a value leader. Coming from that 165 Xscream, ANYthing from the past season would be good. The Schizofrantic might be a bit of overkill and chances are he won't be moving it fore and aft. 

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How will the fujas do on the moguls and tight tree runs?

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The Fujas is a real easy ski to ski, trees and (soft) bumps are in it's wheelhouse..if he is comfortable in those areas. He will notice shortcomings of the ski on firmer snow but remember, the more you ask a ski to do, the less things it does well. 

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Like Phil said, anything recent will be an improvement over the old X-screams.  Your dad might have a bit of an adjustment period, but he'll probably like twin tips, early rise, or whatever you agree on.  He's an expert skier, but not a gearhead about it?

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I just got my Dad the Blizzard One/Crush in a 177 at skis.com for $200 with IQ 14 system bindings.  He has not really used modern skis and is hoping to check out more of the mountain.  98mm underfoot, twin, softer flex, wood core, minimal rocker.  He's 6' about 165 and will be using them in CO. I hope they work for him.  I thought it was a really good deal.

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Yeah not really a gearhead- He can do most all things on the mountain, and did a lot of skiing in his 20s and early 30. After that he skied less, so he doesn't really stay up with the trends. Runs what he has until he needs new stuff or really feels it doesn't work. 


Any other options besides the Fujas? Won't really being doing moguls when they're icy of course- so I think it's ok that they're better in soft snow- more fun anyways. He's not really a speed demon haha so he's not going to be trying to blaze down the groomers.


I'm wondering if maybe there are some other options that might ski more like what he's used to (not the x-screams, just the older skiis in general). I'll have to see if he wants to go with the new gen type of skis in terms of handling, or something more traditional.

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Also- normally we ski Copper and Winter Park/MJ. We ski Breck sometimes too, occasionally steamboat and vail, but not often.

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What do you guys think about the Aftershocks? 


How about the Rossi Experience 98 Open

Or maybe the 88s too (TPX or Open)?


thanks guys

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I'm no gearhead and there are many on this forum who can give better informed review of various skis; however, unlike some of them, I am probably a lot like your dad (age, size, experience, fitness, modernizing my traditional technique) and may offer more relevant opinions than some of them. I finally bought new equipment last year after demo-ing a number of the best reviewed skis in the industry. After skiing a bunch of skis from Blizzard, K2, Voilkl, Nordica, and the usual suspects I chose the Line Prophet 98 and have been very happy.


I ski in the west about 30 days per season. I really only ski resorts  and will ski any conditions mother nature offers--both on and off piste. I don't care to have more than two skis in my quiver so need pretty good versatility. I enjoy it all. The Prophets allow me good versatilty (powder, crud, bumps, trees, and all but the hardest groomers). They allow me to ski at a high level but don't kick my butt by lunch time. The Prophets had great all around performance similar to other great skis out there. The one thing that made me decide on them is my own comfort taking them into tight bumps or trees. Some of the best- reviewed skis out there were great everywhere else but were very unforgiving in bumps and trees.


The Prophet also comes in 90mm width which was actually better reviewed than the 98. A new pair of Prophets can be found for about $400 if you look around-- worth a look for my money.   

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Hey thanks, I will check those out for sure. Definitely worth a look for just the tree handling alone. Thanks!

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I talked to my dad a bit today and he is definitely up to try some new school style skis. He said he isn't going to do as many moguls as he used too, too old I guess haha. But he wants to make sure it will be forgiving and handle well in the trees. And still decent on hard snow too.


Got a chance to look at the Prohets- seam like they fit the bill to a T!!! Next question- what length do you guys think would be best? He is currently on 165 (X-Screams). He is slightly under 5ft 8 and weighs 170lbs. Wants to lose some weight too haha. The Prohets come in 172 and 165- think he should go with the 172? Considering they're twin tip and have rocker? The skis are pretty lightweight, which is great so they won't tire him out as much, but still not sure if he want's to go with the longer ones. What do you think?


Does anyone know if there's any big differences between the 2012 and 2013 98 Prophets?


Also, any ideas on some good lightweight bindings to match with the ski?  Thanks guys

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I am your Dad.  60 something, skied a LOT in teens through 30s', then raised kids.  Got back into it, still do the bumps, trees, side country,and have been lost in the gear world.  Tried a number of shapes and stuff and keep gravitating back to sort of conventional stuff.  Rossie E98 a really  good ski, Blizzard Bones a GREAT SKI.  They may bruise the bankroll a bit but he will be a happy camper.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check those out.


Found some 2012 prophets 98 for $370, seams like a good deal. Any insight on the length?

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

I am your Dad.  


No MuggyLuke, I am your father.


You had the length right in your first post.

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I just ordered him the 2012 Prophets 98 in 172cm. Got a price match on evo for $380.  Should be a great ski, hopefully he will like them. If not I might steal them biggrin.gif


But I spent a while looking at all of the reviews and they seemed to be just the ticket. Plus a great price, leaves room for some good bindings and maybe into a new boot fund.



So any ideas on some good bindings? Looking for something pretty lightweight, but still durable. Last years model would be great, mine as well save some money. Doesn't need to be uber expensive and OTT. If it's available in 100mm I'll get that, but if it only in 90 or 110, which should I go for? Seams like some people use 90mm on skis around 100mm and just bend the brakes a little.



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I suggest Marker Jester bindings. Light weight and very durable. I use them on a Ski Logik Chariot that is 101 mm wide and really like them.


The brakes come in different widths, get the 100 or 110 mm size, 100 would be best. I tried bending some brakes on a different binding and it didn't work well.

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I have the Jester Schizos on the way for my Skis (More of all mounatin/park skis though) Seem like a little bit of overkill for him. Maybe the griffons would be good.

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Originally Posted by Muggydude View Post

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check those out.


Found some 2012 prophets 98 for $370, seams like a good deal. Any insight on the length?

I'm a little bigger than your dad, but ski the Prophets in 179cm. They are ideal for me. For your dad, I wouldn't consider going to < 172 or whatever the low 170 lenth is. Consider the 179cms.  $370 is a great price for a really nice ski! I paid $400 at the end of season and thought I had scored. I also seriously considered the Bonafide. In fact, my final choice was betweent the Prophet 98 and the Bonafide. Loved the "Bones"  in the wide open, but not so much in tight spaces. Really loving the Prophets.

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Yeah for my dad that tight space handling was key, so I jumped on them.

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