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Waterville Valley?

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There's a thread here asking for advice about first-time trip to New England and I'm surprised no one mentioned Waterville Valley. I haven't been there myself for many moons but always thought it had a great reputation for lots of green and blue terrain (and some challenging stuff - haven't they hosted pro and/or World Cup events?) and pretty good ski school. Came across a post that said they were sold in Octoboer 2010. What's up?

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Waterville is a great hill. It's hosted world cups back in the day (80s). I've really only raced there and haven't had the opportunity to really ski the mountain. It has a reputation of being incredibly cold, but ... it's skiing. It's never really crossed my mind as somewhere I'd want to go just to freeski, but it's definitely worth a trip if you've never been. Surprised nobody mentioned it as well.

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