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Most grueling? My boss and I rode the White Rim Trail (120 mountain biking miles) in Canyonlands National Park, UT October 22, 1999. We rode it in one day/night. It took us 15 hours and we self supported the entire ride.

I started the ride with 2 gallons of water on my bike and 100 oz. on my back.

Never again would I do a ride like that self supported.
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How about living in Salt Lake City in the off season?
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Originally posted by ryan:
once, in frustration, i picked up the ball i was playing with, 'cause i knew my short game sucked, and no one was looking and THREW the ball onto the green.

all: "helluva shot, ryan! whadja use, a nine iron?"

ryan: "yeah, yeah, heh heh, that's it, a nine iron. yeah."

Ryan, you just described what I lovingly call


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Well, most of these seem to be cycling related in some way, so I'll toss mine in -- the Mt. Washington (New Hampshire) Bicycle Hill Climb. It's a measly 7.6 miles long, but gains a leg-breaking 4727 feet, into what is generally an extremely cold, cloudy, and windy hell.

My time up is nothing to brag about, although I managed to climb it in slightly less then double the record. How Tyler Hamilton climbed it in 50 minutes is a testament to the incredible fitness those guys have.

Kudos to all who have posted -- some amazing feats of endurance have been chronicled here.
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Most grueling: backpacking Denali Nat'l Park, mid-July, around 8pm. We had our packs off, enjoying views of McKinley emerging from cloud cover, scoping out camp sites, looking forward to a big meal after our second long, mostly uphill day of hiking. A grizzly bear comes up from the other side of the ridge, heading straight toward us. We back off a bit and watch it tear into our packs. We move a little farther away and watch for awhile, see it get pissed off trying to open the bear resistant canisters our food was in, we move much farther away, watch some more, see our gear get spread over about a football field's worth of tundra, then finally figure we aren't going to be able to wait the thing out and don't want to be around when it tires of our stuff. So, 12-hour night hike out to the park road after a solid 10 hour day with a full pack, no food, no water, no extra clothes, nothing except the persistent fear we were being followed. About the only good news was it doesn't get too dark at night that time of year.

2nd most grueling: spending several hours with needle and thread repairing ripped up down sleeping bag with serious bear stench all over it, getting it in good enough shape for a wash machine. Man, I'll never forget that headache. Took five washes to get the smell reasonable.

FWIW, the bear eventually got into our food and ate everything. Ate our toothpaste, even sampled my wallet, I still have it and a credit card with a couple of holes in it. Didn't touch some carrots we had, though.

Human-Bear encounters in Denali are taken pretty seriously. Special bear tech rangers went up, retrieved our gear and tagged the bear for future tracking. It was funny, they were not pleased we left our packs, they don't like bears to figure out humans carry food. The rangers said we should of grabbed the packs, and then walked off. Let me tell you, that idea never even ocurred to me when I was twenty feet from the bear, with my pack half way between us, and the bear obviously smelling something in the pack it wanted to check out. If it did occur to me, it would've seemed to me the very height of foolishness, positively a Darwin Award type of thing to do.
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"After all, it was MY backpack..."
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