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Recent Boot Purchase

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I recently purchased a pair of Dalbello Scorpion SR 130 boots. I went to the best bootfitting shop in my area- tried on lots of boots ect, and this is what was recommended to me.


Previously I was in a Nordica Supercharger Hot Rod- so both boots are a 98mm last. On the new pair I have downsized to 26 from a 27. One of my feet is bigger than the other, and the 27 was simply too big for that foot. I will not be going back to the shop which I bought the old ones from.


I have quite a wide foot, narrow heel, and high-ish instep. To get the flex, and fit, and heel hold I wanted, the boot fitter said the best thing was to get the flex & heel hold, then punch out for the wider foot.


I have taken them in a few times to get the punch right- just making small changes each time. That now all seems good most of the time. When I am walking around, or just skiing groomers they feel awesome. However when skiing off piste, bumps, ect or need to make fast movements, my foot can sometimes hurt like hell. I tend to feel this all over, including the area which has been punched.


I dont really understand why it would feel good walking around & on groomed, but not on the terrain described above. Any ideas? I know when I first got them they were pretty tight around the instep, but don't really notice that now that the liner has packed out a bit.


Thanks for any advice.

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Please provide some stats. Height, weight, shoe size etc.


Have you ever done a "shell check" as described in EpicSki › Gear Articles › Boot Fitting Which Boot Will Work For Me. 


If your boot felt good all around when new (Except for instep) you may be in too big a boot---the shell check will tell the story.


You mentioned that when you ski bumps or off piste, etc. your feet hurt----those are higher g load types of skiing which will slam your


feet around inside the boots, if there is room to move, which will make them sore.  If your feet are retained inside the shell (no room to slide around)


they should not hurt.



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Mike, thanks for the reply. Shell fit was the first thing the boot fitter did. The first shop I went too didn't- so i politely said thanks and walked out.


Shell fit is good, not sure on the exact figure, but its less than 10mm for sure. I'm sure size isn't the issue. The boot is pretty dam tight. It was a bit uncomfortable the first day, but after a few days skiing I am confident the size is on the money.

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Well,----"if the shoe fits"---------Try tightening the second buckle from the top so tightly that it would hurt  your ankles---then back off till it is just


comfortable---then kick the boot toe into the floor----this should not hurt, nor should your toe hit the front of the shell---if it does return to your





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