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Anyone here bodyboard? I was just looking it up on the net and it looks pretty sweet. This people go into waves that are huge (surfing contests could be held in these waves for the best)and bust flips and crap of ther lips of the waves. I've bodyboarded, or boogieboarded, for a while, but just down the wave, never back up the lip. Looks like a rush.
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In the 1970's I lived just down from Tom Morey The inventor of the Boogieboard.He would always have a bunch of Boogieboards in his back yard all diffrent sizes shapes and designs.We would go over to his place and take one to use for a day. They are great fun, small waves seem larger and once you learn how to use them they can do amazing things on waves of just about any size. Waves from 1 foot mush to 20 foot plus monsters.I've seen film of people rideing Big Waves at Pipeline and Wiamia Bay Hawaii on bodyboards.I've riden waves that size on a stand up Surfboard but never on a Bodyboard.
Boogieboards are fun pretty easy to learn how to ride one and in a short time get some of the basic tricks down.But if you really want to ride waves get yourself a Surfboard.There is nothing like being locked into a 6 foot tube.It's like jumping into a steep powder stuffed chute. only about 100 times more intense.Skiing and riding waves have a lot in common.Get out there in the ocean and Have some fun this summer.

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Sweet, I live in Maine so the waves aren't so big. Be in oregon next year, but not during the summer. I think the waves are bigger there? Anyway, summer is coming so it should be fun to try bodyboarding.
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If you plan to do some bodyboarding in Oregon Get yourself a really good wetsuit. The Water up there is pretty damn cold even in the Summer.Also know that Great White Sharks are found in the Waters there. To a Great White a Surfer paddleing a Surfboard or Boogieboard looks a lot like thier Favorite meal of Seal.Nothing will ruin a great surf session faster then a Shark munching on your thigh.
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If you live in Maine, try getting to Nantucket this summer. Miacomet, Surfside and other beachs get great waves fairly consistently with the right winds. I played music out there in the late eighties and early ninties with Bop (harvey) and bodysurfed and boarded as often as possible. It can get big enough to scare the crp out of you,12'-14' is as big as I've seen and it was plenty for my minimal skills. Most times I found 4-7 footers which are a blast. It's also in the gulf stream so it's not as chilly as you might think being 18 miles out in the Atlantic. Wearing a shortie wetsuit is still a good idea. Oh yeah, Great Whites get out around there too. Don't know if there has ever been an attack. Be careful of points off the "corners" of the island- strong currents and rips, I never had a big problem in the normal areas. Good luck. Go to the Chicken Box, great live music.
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