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Kid's boot fit?

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Last time I asked the local shop said they all fit about the same.  So, I'd like to get another opinion. I'm a CPed, working mostly with Diabetic/Orthopedic patients.  Know my way around adult boots, but know little about kid boots.  Daughter is nine, about 70 lbs, good skier but not expert, prefers speed over technical terrain. She has a narrow to normal width foot with a moderately higher than average instep. Longest foot measures 21.75cm.  Any narrower than average, higher instep boot recommendations? How about shell fitting for kid's? Do  you shell fit like adults- one to two CM? Thanks for any guidance.

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I shell fit identically or close to the same anyway and definitely I don't allow room for much if any growth.  All problems that adults have with boots on the large side also apply to kids.  Kids boots in the 21 Mondo size are not particularly narrow even if your are looking at a "race" model and if she is narrow that is the way I'd go.  Four buckles and appropriate flex.  For high instep I like the Dalbello Scorpion, but there are other recommendations that other fitters on the forum are familiar with.



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the width doesn't change, but the length does, on the fulltilt growth spirts.  The big advantage is that they move 3 shell sizes, and come with an intuition liner as well.

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Thanks for the info.

Lou when you refer to shell fitting them the same, are you using 1 to 2 cm as your target or 1 to 2 fingers(if so do you use kid fingers

or adult fingers.) Last year she tried on a Nordica TJ which fit well except for the instep.  Is the Scorpion much higher in the instep?

How about the Nordica Fire Arrow T3?  Listed as a 100 mm last(assuming it's not really 100 in a 21 or 22 shell) so at least if it compares to an adult width, it's at least not a wide fit and it doesn't have a buckle which closes down right on the instep.

Thanks for any guidance

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You said a few things that interest me and I'll get to it.  You certainly will find at least one fitter here with a different philosophy than mine anyway and maybe a few others will answer yet.


It is easy to talk about fingers because most of us have at least one.  No need to talk about table saws here.  But I'll bet not one fitter here talks about a one or two finger fit.  I think we all have some devise for measuring precisely because as you already asked, "Whose fingers"?


I use a 3/4 inch dowel but often times go slightly smaller for kids.  I believe as the size goes down the allowable space goes slightly down.  I also believe that asking the liner to do the work of the shell is a no no for adults and so must be for kids also.  We don't sell 3 in one boots.  But my customers may be different than others or perhaps it is my store and we do it my way.  Boots that are too big cause just fit problems for kids just as they do for adults so I prefer to sell the right size not the grow into it size.  Kids feet grow in spurts anyway and often times a boot will last for several years.  Either way  your kids will ski better in a boot that is the correct size and we don't have to worry about adjusting binding position either.  Put your kids in a boot that is three sizes to big and their foot position is automatically 1.5 cm behind the manufacturers recommended position.


You were happy about not having buckles over the instep, but I think just the opposite.  Now you didn't say how old or what size  but I try to get kids away from the two buckle boots as quickly as possible.  In my opinion they are simply big buckets to slosh around in, similar to selling a Tecnica Rival to someone with a "B" width foot.


I wish I was more familiar with the boots you ask about, but I can't really recommend because I just don't see them.  But you can determine volume yourself.  Go to a shop, pull out the liner and slide your kids foot into the shell with the heel all the way against the back of the shell then slide their foot ;forward until their toes just touch.  They'll have to help with this so do it several times, there isn't much in life less consistent than a little kid.  I taught my daughter boot fitting when she was young and every year when she was between 11 and 15 we'd pull her boots out at the start of the season and she'd complain about toe room.  We'd then do a shell fit, which of course was fine and she wouldn't say another word for the rest of the season.  But I digress.  If the length is correct put her foot in the back and feel around the inside space yourself.  Do it with several boots and you'll have a feel for the volume between the shell and her foot.  Buy the lowest volume possible that she finds comfortable.


Happy shopping



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