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Meniscus Tear - Can You Help with Rehab

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Had right knee scoped the end of March.  Cleaned off and smoothed Meniscus tear.  It is time to start a more rigorus rehab and wanted to get some recommendations. Up to this point have walked  and ridden stationery bike a lot.  No more swelling and thought I better start building up knee since the middle of November is getting closer.  On a trip through Alaska now but be home in 4-5 weeks and wanted to start a more serious rebab plan.   Recommendations appreciated.   Me: 70yr old in decent shape. Didn't do tear skiing but jumping off the back of my pickup.

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As always, better to get at least a few formal PT sessions when getting started.  Every situation is different.  That said, take a look at this list by an ortho group in San Francisco.

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Follow the advice of your Surgeon and PT; only they know the specifics of your injury, repair and personal medical history.

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